The Sexiest Top Model Alive: Stella Versini

Somewhere near turquoise water, mountainous terrains and the most captivating white sanded beaches came Stella Versini, bearing a remarkable vision for life. A vision that only she knew must live on outside of the smallest region of France, Corsica. Corsica remains a historic and significant part of our world and is acknowledged for its individuality, natural allure, and maybe even for being the birthplace of the notable Napoleon Bonaparte. Such a place can create the most noteworthy people but Stella knew that the world was vast and there was much to do, so Versini packed all that she needed, leaving the rest behind for a journey to Paris to follow her vision.

Immediately falling in love with the culture and the art of modeling, she began her relentless work to make a name for herself in one of the most intricate and demanding industries out there. Working every shoot and opportunity possible, one can only survive such a pursuit if they have a strong vision, individuality, and natural allure, all of which seem to be a common theme for the life of Stella Versini.

After months turned to years of performing diligent work with many different agencies, Stella got her first big break when she acquired the opportunity to be on the cover of L’Officiel Maroc and she was ready. That cover conveyed more than just a beautiful figure for the industry, it showed the personality and depth that exist inside Stella Versini. It was almost as if years of work and life experiences led her to this shoot and after a very successful run with L’Officiel, the opportunity to be on the cover of Paris Capitale presented itself and Stella continued with persistence.

Stella Versini has now positioned herself as a prominent and sought-after model in the industry and her journey has only just begun. She is also represented as The Nightfall Group’s Top Model by posing for the concierge brand in Beverly Hills Mansions and will continue to travel the world by storm creating artistic history.

You can stay informed on her work by following her Instagram @stellaversini or as well by staying current in fashion industry publications.

Written in partnership with DN News Desk