Stacey Shabtai On Building A Brand That Is Making An Honest Difference

Stacey Shabtai is the ultimate multi-hyphenate; she is a model, nutritionist, and founder of Miami-based luxury wellness and lifestyle brand Botanika Life. Since Shabtai founded the brand alongside her husband, Benny Shabtai, the brand has been committed to its mission of unparalleled standards of quality, efficacy, and potency. Shabtai has built a brand driven by honest, clean ingredients and powerful botanicals—with CBD being the hero ingredient—to create real change within the lives of consumers and the industry.

Haute Living sat down with Shabtai to hear how exactly Shabtai became at the forefront of the wellness industry and how she plans to continue evolving the brand.

Stacey Shabtai x Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Shabtai

HAUTE LIVING: Can you tell us a bit about how you began the clean luxury lifestyle & wellness brand, Botanika Life?
STACEY SHABTAI: I was introduced to CBD a while back, as I am always looking for new health regimens. I gave it to my husband for an issue he was having, and we got such a positive result—I had to learn more and dive deep into the benefits of CBD oil. There was so much to learn about the different qualities.

HL: How did you first get introduced to CBD?
SS: A family member went to the University in California to get a degree and learn the benefits of CBD oils, and he is the person who introduced me to CBD for the first time.

HL: The brand has gained a very esteemed reputation in efficacious ingredients and premier formulations. How were you able to create such luxurious holistic products that were also proven to work?
SS: After all my years of experience in the beauty world, together with my degree in nutrition, our primary goal was to keep our products natural and with the highest quality of ingredients. Avoid any chemicals, preservatives and metals that are found on so many products. We continue to learn and grow, but Botanika Life will always remain of the highest quality,  purest ingredients, and efficacy.

Stacey Shabtai x Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Shabtai

HL: How did your past career as a model influence the brand?
SS: A tremendous amount—I have represented so many beauty brands [throughout] my career, and have tried about every product in the market. That is the business of my career, and all these factors influenced the development of Botanika Life.

HL: Where do you see the wellness industry evolving over the next few years? 
SS: I see the wellness industry evolving exactly in the same direction that Botanika Life is going: clean, natural, and results-driven.

HL: What are your goals for Botanika Life in the next 5-10 years?
SS: I would like Botanika life to help educate as many people as possible to [live] a clean and natural lifestyle. There is a long way to go with the myths of CBD,  and I would like to help lift the myths off CBD so more people can enjoy the incredible benefits of CBD and Hemp oil. 

Stacey Shabtai x Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Shabtai

HL: Are there a few key lessons you learned along the way of building the brand? 
SS: A few key lessons that I learned at the beginning of our adventure are [the importance of] staying true to your vision, keeping an open mind, and educating yourself. It has been a joy to meet like-minded people, appreciative of our brand partners and relationships that we have built, that we are sure will turn into lifelong friends.

HL: What are 2-3 wellness tips you can share with our readers to help them live a more holistic lifestyle? 
SS: Drink a lot of water, be sure to wear sunscreen everyday, and being grateful is a sure way to keep you happy.

HL: Lastly, what is a mantra you live by to continue to stay inspired? 
SS: Be grateful, believe in your vision, and stand in your own power.