Meet Michael Tanha: Expert In The Hospitality Industry

Michael Tanha is a successful entrepreneur taking the hospitality industry by storm. He is the CEO of Noble 33, a lifestyle hospitality company that manages and oversees some of the world’s best high-energy fine-dining restaurants. Noble 33 is recognized for having its exceptional and ever-evolving lineup of unique, social dining restaurants stateside and abroad. The company leads the management and continued expansion of iconic brands Toca Madera and Casa Madera while also developing brand new concepts that will further expand the boundaries of high-energy fine-dining.  

Michael was born in Iran, and he and his parents fled the country when he was only two years old. His parents immigrated to the US in search of a better life for themselves and for Michael. He grew up being assimilated into the American lifestyle and culture and performed exceptionally well in school, constantly aiming for the best. He graduated from the University of California and headed straight for the job market.

Prior to joining the hospitality industry, Michael had a successful career in the finance and private equity worlds, working for Merrill Lynch and Boulevard Family wealth. Though he was having a successful career, Michael says that he found himself wanting more out of his career. He wanted to find something that he loved and did passionately rather than for the money. Partnering with Tosh Berman to venture into the restaurant business proved to be the opportunity Michael had been dreaming of all his life. Though he had his own doubts, he was bold enough to take the leap, and it’s now 5 years since the journey started.  

Michael and Tosh went on to build The Madera Group and Tocaya Organica, where Michael served as the President of both companies. During his reign, the two companies expanded from 4 to more than 25 restaurants. This also included leading an experienced senior executive team and over 1200 employees.

He is now focused on expanding his new company Noble 33into an international company with future targets for new locations that include West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, London, Miami, and New York. He is also confident that the company will take the lead in creating new exciting concepts in the high-energy fine dining space and social dining. Michael also sees Noble 33 offering guests an experience that they cannot find anywhere else.

“As a company, we lead with the quality of our food and the experience for our guests. When you dine at one of our venues, you will feel good about what you put in your body. We use organic and sustainable ingredients and put an emphasis on being “ingredient forward.” As far as the experience, every night, we have DJ performances, instrumental performances, and some sort of theatrics. Our guests come to our venues for more than just a meal, they come for a fun night out. And that is one of the main competitive advantages that we have.” says Michael

Written in partnership with Ascend