Demi Raquel Thomas Enhances The Bridal Industry With The Luxury La Chenille Bridal Bikini Brand

Photo Credit: Yulia Kosynska

Demi Raquel Thomas is the Co-Founder and CEO of La Chenille Bridal Bikini, a luxury lifestyle brand. As a creative innovator and entrepreneur with more than 10- years of experience, Thomas has allowed her roads traveled to lead her into multiple business ventures. Currently, Demi is titled as one of the upcoming innovating players of the fashion industry, which is shown through her extensive passion for design and creating new concepts. 

As she continues to leave fashion designers and customers alike in awe, her presence in the industry has taken tremendous strides. Demi is proud to introduce her luxury bridal swimwear brand providing luxury products for brides on the beach. La Chenille Bridal Bikini has collections filled with glamorous designs that exemplify the brand’s unwavering commitment to detail quality and elegance. Product categories include swimwear, cover-up, beach accessories, and skincare, all the essential ingredients to elevate the bridal experience on the beach.

What’s to come for the brand is the launch of the Bridal Beach Collection this November. Demi Raquel Thomas sat down with Haute Beauty for a one-on-one interview to talk about her connection to the bridal industry, the impact she has made on a bride’s special day, and the concept behind the newest pieces. 

HAUTE BEAUTY: Tell us about your connection to the bridal industry as La Chenille Bridal Bikini was getting started. 

DEMI RAQUEL THOMAS: I have worked in the fashion industry for over a decade. After the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I noticed a trend regarding the popularity of micro-weddings and mini-moons. Brides want to have beautifully designed pieces that match the settings of their beach and resort weddings, vow renewal, anniversaries, and wedding photos. I truly want to introduce a new category to the fashion industry—bridal swimwear. Our new collection is about confidence, strength, and beauty. We want our customers to feel empowered and phenomenal, as “chenille” translates to caterpillar in French and our brides are being reborn on the beach to the beautiful butterflies they deserve to be.

HB: The impact you have made on the bridal industry is brimming with beauty, have you seen first-hand the influence it has made on brides?  

DRT: When a bride puts on a beautiful garment that makes them feel and look amazing, they shine from the inside out! I feel so honored that I now get to be a part of such a monumental event in someone’s life. And with our bridal swimwear, our customers get to extend the feeling of being special and beautiful and throughout their entire beach wedding or honeymoon. 

HB: La Chenille Bridal Bikini offers a high-end luxury experience for brides, where do you look for creative inspiration? 

DRT: I get my inspiration from a variety of places. I research top honeymoon destinations and the colors and textures from that environment. We also, of course, look at the newest bridal trends to see what can translate into swimwear. And last, but certainly not least, we are inspired by our customers! 

Photo Credit: Alexia Polley

HB: Can you explain the concept for the Bridal Beach Collection in your own words? Do you have any favorite pieces from the collection? 

DRT: La Chenille Bridal Bikini is a luxury bridal swimwear brand that includes swimwear, coverups, wedding accessories, and an ultra-lux beach kit. We want to provide brides with a lifestyle experience, leaving them feeling empowered, celebrated, and beautiful. The collection features customized and imported sustainable fabrics that can withstand water, sand, and moisture. 

I truly love all our pieces, but I am very excited about the removable bridal train (currently patent pending), that can be worn with any of our swimsuits and coverups.

HB: What are you most looking forward to in the new collection launch?  

DRT: I am most looking forward to getting feedback and seeing photos from our amazing customers on their special days whether it’s their destination wedding, their honeymoon, vow renewal, milestone anniversary, or wedding photos.