NFT Technology And How Ready Playa Øne Rides On Its Wave To Attract Investors


Photo Credit: Ready Playa One

NFT technology is all about uniqueness and the impossibility of replacing an item with something else. For instance, a dollar is fungible, as one dollar can be traded for another dollar, and they’ll both be the same thing. However, a one-of-a-kind trading card or a unique collection like Ready Playa Øne is non-fungible. No twoReady Playa Øne tokens are the same, and as the collection gears up for its launch, its creators also prepare for the new crop of collectors that are about to be created.

Ready Playa Øne, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network, is a unique collection of artworks that feature characters in a dystopian world characterized by a fight for survival. The Ethereum network supports Ready Playa Øne, and users can explore the network to be a part of the dystopian world in which Ready Playa Øne tokens exist. The creators have conceptualized two main categories of personas named humans and humanoids, and a third persona called mercenaries that take either of the two primary factions whenever they want.

The Ethereum network is the most stable network for NFT tokens, so it only makes sense to make Ready Playa Øne available on the network. There are 10,000 Ready Playa Øne tokens representing different unique characters. Each piece of Ready Playa Øne art is created with a mix of hand-drawn elements and digital media. Each playa has identical side profiles, as the creator aimed for the collectors to observe the characters without making direct eye-to-eye contact. However, under the layers of amalgamated artifacts lie a singular outline that points to the similarities they all share, which are humanity, shared vision of a brighter future, and history.

Describing the backstory behind the fictitious dystopian world these players are set in, the website said, “Set in the year 2091, a parallel dimension was inadvertently created after the particle accelerator at CERN, The European Council for Nuclear Research, was pushed far past its limits. The world as we knew it was instantly changed into a video game type reality where humans were fused with AI and live inside a Virtual Reality. The game is mainly split into two factions, Human and Humanoid, but some act as rogue mercenaries fighting for either side. The humans think they should have more rights because they are human.”

With the backing of M2Thak as the founder, his years of experience and influence in the entertainment industry are primed to come in handy to drum up support and awareness for the new collection. M2Thak has been described by many as a socialite who rubs shoulders with notable people in Hollywood and the tech industry. His friends include Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, French Montana, and many others. Pivoting into the NFT world is his way of making his mark on the meta-universe and opening up doors for other people who wish to partake in the unlimited fun of the NFT world.

Learn more about Ready Playa Øne and get updates on the upcoming launch on the website.

Written in partnership Authority Titans