NFT ‘Klepto Bears’ Gives You A Sentimental Feeling To Become The Next Big Thing


Photo Credit: Klepto Bears

Non-fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, have become the rave, and these new digital wealth modes have been created in various modes to evoke a sentimentality that spurs people to invest in them. Klepto Bears reach into that sentimental feeling to create stylized bears living in a fictional world of looting and thievery to reward the investors.

In the introductory note that describes Klepto Bears NFT on its official website, the creators describe the collection thus: “Klepto Bears are the face you see in a crowd, a cause for pause to say “I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before?” How many toy boxes, how many teddy bears litter the story of each of us? How many treasures, how many relics, once loved have gone into the ether? Klepto bears connect to our childhood and offer an important chance to reconcile those memories – versions of ourselves. Where have you been, bear? Tell me your story, and in it, I will see a reflection of my own journey, the books, and stories, the sci-fi worlds, the fashion from another time that will always be with us.”

Created by Amber Marie, a talented artist who reached into her fondest memories from childhood to create an NFT collection based on a gift she received from her grandmother when she was five years old. The Klepto Bears NFT collection entails bailing out the bears by minting them and freeing them to go and acquire loots for their owners. With a limited number of 10,000 Klepto Bears in the collection, they give away ten high-ticket prizes by releasing vaults for every 1,000 mints acquired. Those vaults will contain prizes, including a series of highly coveted items. The prizes include an iPhone 13 at the 1,000th mint, iPad Pro at the 2,000th, LG TV at the 3,000th, PlayStation 5 at the 4,000th, Xbox X at the 5,000th, Macbook Pro at the 6,000th, Versace Robe at the 7,000th, Louis Vuitton Backpack at the 8,000th, Rolex at the 9,000, and Tesla at the 10,000th.

The projected success of Klepto Bears is closely linked to Amber Marie’s affiliation with renowned art and NFT enthusiast Armani Izadi, the owner of Graffiti Mansion. In 2019, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Amber met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden, who took her in and taught her how to create graffiti art with a spray can. Arman also donated $100,000 to the Klepto Bear Loot Boxes to keep the project going and edge her closer to realizing her dreams.

The Klepto Bears Collection project creates a fictitious world of adventure for the collected bears. They also reflect Amber Marie’s art style known for its color richness, fine details, and intricate line-work. As preparation for the launch of her first project kicks into top gear, expectations are high about how valuable the collection will be for investors.

The Klepto Bears collection promises a lot of fun and rewards to go with it. However, the thrill is in the wait for the project to sell out, which Amber Marie set out to achieve through the roadmap.

Learn more about Klepto Bears on the official website.

Written in partnership with Authority Titans