Private Chef David Welch Prepares To Open His First Restaurant This Winter

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chef Dave’s

Private Chef David Welch is already a household name in high profile circles operating a successful local catering business, but now he is about to introduce us all to his standout cooking when he opens Chef Dave’s at The Street in Chestnut Hill this winter.

Making the transition from private chef to opening his own restaurant wasn’t as difficult a decision as you might think. “It was because of the demand of my clients that made me open a restaurant; they love me,” Welch said. “I wanted to provide for them equally and it’s great to be able to do just that.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chef Dave’s

While he hasn’t confirmed the menu at Chef Dave’s just yet, some of his past popular dishes have included radicchio salad with crispy greens, pepitas, dried cranberries, oven dried fennel with a blush vinaigrette; squab with roasted watermelon with licorice foie gras sauce; and beef short rib over polenta with asparagus and demi glacé. “I am still finalizing the menu, but there will be sandwiches, salads and entrees featuring everything from osso bucco to filets.”

Welch’s varied background includes working as a former banker to learning how to make fresh pasta, sandwiches and fresh sausage (not to mention a great eggplant parmesan) at Trio’s Pasta in the North End. “Then I moved to Formaggio Kitchen and was there for 12 years,” he said. “I opened the produce side at Formaggio and then started cooking vegetables and people started asking for meats to go with it, so every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., I started the sidewalk barbecue and it sold out. I left there because I was growing too fast.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chef Dave’s

Welch never had to advertise his catering business, relying solely on word of mouth referrals that have garnered him popularity among a high profile clientele. When starting off on his own as a private chef, he “decided to take a leap of faith, took my 401K and decided to start my own thing with my bare hands,” Welch said. “I have met some really incredible people along the way and even cooked for Julia Child. I understand that different people like different presentations and seasonings while others have dietary restrictions. I always use the freshest and best ingredients. Nothing is frozen. As a private chef, I am very detailed when it comes to cleaning up. People have said their kitchen looks better when I leave than when I came in. It’s a complete luxury service from start to finish.”

While the sidewalk barbecue was hugely successful at Formaggio Kitchen, he says anything is possible at his new restaurant. “We are still in the early stages of the restaurant so I can’t answer if that is something we will do here,” he said.

Chef Dave’s will open at The Street in Chestnut Hill this winter.