Top 5 Underrated Brands You Need To Know & Shop In 2021

1) Drunk Fruit 

Drunk Fruit is an emerging hard seltzer brand with a refreshing twist. Founded in late 2020 by college buddies Steven Tang, Kenn Miller, Will Zeng, and John Zhang, Drunk Fruit concocts unique seltzer blends that are infused with beloved Asian flavors such as lychee, yuzu, and melon. After conducting countless experiments using various types of fruit snacks from their local Asian Market, the partners discovered a formula for the ideal seltzer—light, crispy, and packed with flavors reminiscent of their childhoods. With cans that boast playfully vibrant designs, each beverage contains only 95 calories and an ABV of 4.5%. Drunk Fruit has since expanded to over 210 locations, sharing its heritage with people across the country, one seltzer at a time. 

2) vnlla Extract Co.  

Launched in 2020, vnlla Extract Co. offers high-quality vanilla extracts that are rich in taste and worthy of creative recipes. Their extracts are derived from Bourbon vanilla beans grown and harvested by partner farmers in Madagascar who meticulously hand-pollinate each vanilla orchid. Along with their Pure Extract, the company also features a collection of Vanilla Extract + Flavor Blends, which include a versatile selection of lemon, orange, and spice. vnlla Extract Co.’s parent brand Symrise was the first flavor company to establish operations out of Madagascar. Committed to collaborating with local farmers and their communities, Symrise maintains partnerships with over 7,000 farmers and more than 40,000 people benefit directly or indirectly through the brand’s employment, education in sustainable farming, crop diversification efforts, youth schooling, and comprehensive healthcare options. 

3) 3 Bears Body Care

3 Bears Body Care features a diverse range of nostalgic bodycare, haircare, and candle products. Drawing inspiration from the classic fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 3 Bears Body Care seeks to evoke precious childhood memories with scents that can transport every family member to a beloved moment in their lives. Among several popular lines, the brand’s LOOPY Collection takes a childhood favorite—Fruit Loops—and transforms the cereal into a sweet, milky scent that customers can take with them every day. The Georgia-based company ensures quality products that help moisturize dry skin and hair along with alleviating common skin issues such as eczema and sunburns.

4) Zee Zee’s 

Established in 2016, children’s snack brand Zee Zee’s provides a broad assortment of wholesome foods designed to make healthy eating fun and creative, especially for picky eaters. With snacks that range from nutrition bars, applesauce, and dried fruit to graham crackers, fruit cups, and roasted chickpeas, each product is nut-free and packed with healthy, high-quality ingredients perfect for on-the-go, in class, at practice, or lunchtime. Since the company’s launch, one of Zee Zee’s featured products, the Campfire Smores Soft Baked Bar, earned the winning title for the 2020 SnackNation Insights Award: Best Bar for an Emerging Brand. 

5) Woodchuck USA

Woodchuck USA produces technology-driven wood products with a focus on laser-engraved customizations. Born from a mission to incorporate nature back into everyday life, Woodchuck uses real wood for products that range from stationery and lifestyle to home and decor. Through their “buy one, plant one” program, the company has planted over one million trees across 6 continents. Designed and manufactured in the United States, Woodchuck’s thoughtful craftsmanship ensures products that can withstand the test of time. 

Written in partnership with Ascend