Pick Your Favorite Miami Neighborhood — We’ll Tell You Your New Perfect Bra

Finding the right bra can feel a little bit like you’re Goldilocks, searching for a bra that fits just right. From cup size to design, there are many factors that come into play. Much of the time, it’s easy to run into issues with comfort and fit — and for some reason, the “sexier” the lingerie is, the less it’s meant to be worn.

Thankfully, the internet’s favorite bra company is making sexy comfortable: Miami-based intimates brand GIAPENTA combines fashion with function and innovation, giving lingerie a long-overdue makeover. GIAPENTA believes that women deserve beautiful intimates that support them comfortably and enhance their confidence throughout the day, every day. To that end, they interviewed hundreds of women to learn modern bra complaints. The result? Insanely comfortable intimates that solve the issues of ill-fitting straps, uncomfortable padding and underwire, annoying spillage and gaping, hard-to-reach closures, boob sweat, and more. They even developed a science-backed, innovative fabric that regulates your temperature throughout the day. This tech fabric TempProⓇ combats the heat and humidity of the outdoors as well as the chill of indoor air conditioning — and it never washes out. 

Now that they’ve re-engineered comfortable intimates, the only question left is: which ultra-comfy GIAPENTA bra best fits your style? GIAPENTA’s bras are as varied in design as the eclectic neighborhoods in Miami. When every bra feels like perfection, the selection process should be fun. Whether you’re more likely to be spotted at the beach or the club, the art gallery, or the office space, this list has you covered.


Design District

Known for its emphasis on contemporary style and head-turning architecture, the fashion-heavy neighborhood is home to high-end designer stores like Balenciaga, Dior, and Fendi. This area attracts It Girls and fashionistas like yourself who not only keep up with the latest trends but set new ones for their followers. Your style calls for the Florence Demi. The lacey mix of chic and seductive will meet your high standards, plus it can be worn with an array of sheer tops or even under a semi-open blazer. 


Florence Demi $68


Much like the vibrant and eclectic neighborhood, you have a flair for eccentricity. With tons of modern art galleries, bustling bars, indie-style shops, and towering murals, the area screams “life,” and in a sense promotes living and exploring to the fullest. If this resonates with you, the Brooklyn Demi is your bra of choice. Available in all-new Salt or classic Black, this sporty style is mixed with soft mesh details for an overall gorgeous silhouette. Its fun and flirty design provides optimal comfort and breathability, which is ideal for hot Miami days and nights spent exploring and staying active in the process.


Brooklyn Demi $58

South Beach

Notorious for liveliness, this is often the image that comes to mind when Miami is mentioned.  South Beach is all about entertaining. Whether you’re going to a chic outdoor cafe on Ocean Drive to see or be seen, bronzing on the pristine beach, or indulging in a cocktail at one of the luxe hotels nearby, the vibe is sexy, just like the Rio Balconette. The sheer bra is the ideal balance of lowkey glamour, and thanks to a rich red hue,  it’s a total head-turner whether it’s peeking out or on display with high-rise bottoms.


Rio Balconette $78


Otherwise known as the “Manhattan” of Miami, Brickel is the business and financial hub of the city. Whether you work here, frequent rooftop happy hours with killer views, or actually live in the mini-metropolis, your aesthetic is work hard, play hard—with style of course. That’s why the London X Back is your go-to. This fan favorite is available in a range of sizes from 32A – 38DD and comes in Sand and timeless Black. The patented X Back design keeps shoulder straps secure and in place. Plus smoothing side wings provide amazing comfort and shaping that makes the perfect base for business to business-casual attire in the Miami heat. And according to the thousands of women who have purchased the London X Back bra, this best-selling style is an absolute game-changer.


London X Back $68


If you live in Aventura there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of the good life. Whether you prefer to spend your days boating, shopping, getting your tennis game on, or mixing work with pleasure and leisure at the golf course, the Sonoma Curve is right for you. This ultra-popular full coverage style combines gorgeous lace with all day comfort and a perfect fit. The balance between sexy and supportive makes it great for all the activities Aventura has to offer, not to mention the added benefit of temperature regulating fabric that keeps you cool no matter what the day brings.


Sonoma Curve $78


Maybe you don’t have a set neighborhood in Miami. Rather, your neighborhood of choice is in whichever café offers a strong cup of java and a steady wifi signal for your laptop. Maybe you’re only in town for a day. For a busy jetsetter or digital nomad like yourself, the Kavala Multiway is your wardrobe’s new best friend and an essential travel piece. This non-slip style provides all day support and is available in Sand, Black or the brand’s signature GIAPENTA Blue. With 3 straps that convert to 13 potential styles from beachy strapless to red carpet glam, you’ll fit in no matter where you go — and be turning heads while you do it.


Kavala Multiway $68

Head on over to GIAPENTA and learn more about what makes their intimates the perfect complement to your wardrobe and style, no matter what you’re wearing or what neighborhood you like to hang in! Figure out your ideal size in 60 seconds or less with their quick fit quiz so you can flaunt the perfect fitting style to compliment your favorite Miami neighborhood. 

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd