Country Star Mitchell Tenpenny Releases Nashville Love Letter “Midtown Diaries” Today On The Magic Of Music City

Mitchell TenpennyPhoto Credit: Matthew Berinato

Country star Mitchell Tenpenny has written a love letter to Nashville is his new Riser House/Columbia Nashville EP, Midtown Diaries, out today. The project contains eight songs all co-written by Mitchell, including his current radio single “Truth About You” which became the largest streaming debut of his career garnering 2.5 million streams in its first three days of release in July and has reached over 10 million + in the short weeks since.

On September 23, Tenpenny will launch his second headline tour, TO US IT DID TOUR, hitting 12-cities including his first headline date at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Mitchell’s hometown. The tour will route alongside his special guest dates on Chris Young’s “Famous Friends 2021 Tour” and two dates on Dierks Bentley’s “Beers On Me Tour.” Mitchell collaborates with Chris on his new radio single “At The End Of A

On October 10, 2021, the 32-year-old singer will fulfill a lifelong dream to headline the Ryman Auditorium. A portion of the concert proceeds will benefit the 10Penny Fund, which was inspired by his father ,who died of cancer, and helps support cancer patients and their loved ones through the cancer journey.

Here, we talk to Tenpenny about his new EP, his upcoming tour and the magic of Music City.

Mitchell TenpennyPhoto Credit: Matthew Berinato

Let’s talk about the making of this video, which you shot in Nashville. How did you pick the locations/content for the video?

I’ve actually filmed a few things in the video location. It’s this cool paint warehouse in Nashville- it’s still an actual business. It has dark rusty walls and old brick and was the perfect place for things to feel dark and grim. It just gave the right ambiance for this video. Dustin the director chose the place and was a perfect choice.

Your new EP is called The Midtown Diaries. Let’s talk about the name. If you WERE writing a Midtown travel guide, where would fans find you?

Midtown is a place in Nashville that is an area right off Music Row. A lot of people go there right after work. Some of the places you may find me would be Losers, Winners, and the Red Door Saloon. Midtown is a great area to go to hang out with your friends. The last few years of my life I made a lot of memories and shared a lot of stories there- breaking up, falling in love and all the different things that you deal with emotionally. So it made sense when I wrote songs about those topics that I tied it back to where they came from.

I hear you spent all of your time off during the pandemic writing. What can fans expect from this EP?

I did spend most of my time writing because that’s all we had to do. I struggled at first because I didn’t have connections and experiences with people to write about. So I had to channel my past and allow myself to be vulnerable and I think I have some of the best songs I’ve written on the EP.

Has your sound/content changed in any way as a result of the pandemic?

I don’t know that either has changed but I had time to think about all I’ve had the fortune to do in the last couple of years. When you are full-on going and going, the pandemic allowed me the time to relive those moments.

You’re performing your first show at the Ryman. How did it feel to land that and to have it come after a time of such hardship?

I’ve been to so many shows at Ryman. I was born and raised in Nashville and it’s the place you dream of playing. A full life circle moment! It’s my hometown show!

What was the impetus to get back on the road this fall? Could you not stand NOT touring any longer?

It was crazy how much I missed it- touching a fans hand from the stage, singing for them. Getting back on the road to see real people and see people have emotions- we all needed it. I’m such a people person, I needed it.

You’re touring with Chris Young this fall, which is awesome. Who is your dream tourmate/collaborator (living)?

I love Chris Young so that is a dream but John Mayer would also be a dream to tour with!

Being born and raised in Nashville, do you think it’s physically impossible for country music to NOT be part of your basic DNA?

It’s actually way easier to not make music your life if you were born and raised here but I bumped by head into it so early. There was a time though when I thought I would be playing football, but I came back around to music.

What to you is the greatest thing about Music City?

It’s a special place especially for our music industry. In all other genres people are die-hard competing but this is such a community and a small group of friends. We give each other space and are patient with each other to create, grow and learn. This town has magic in it. It gives you the best environment to want to make music in it and I couldn’t be more proud to be from this city.

What is the most underrated/misunderstood thing about Nashville?

It’s not just surrounded by country music- there’s jazz, pop, blues, rap and more. It’s not ‘country’ Music City, but Music City.