Meet eOn BrandTM, The Go-To Disinfectant Brand For Event Planners Looking To Keep Their Guests Safe Amid Covid-19


Photo Credit: eOn Brand

Covid has changed the way we party. Embedding eOn branded products into event planning logistics means safety, sorted.

Coronavirus and its adaptations present a unique challenge for event planners, who have to negotiate planning high volume events with new safety logistics. Most often, event planners will team up with a safety partner. They aim to work with a brand whose products perform at the highest level, are cost-effective, and are situated in the high-end market. That’s where eOn hand sanitizing mist comes in. With its packaging, advanced germ protection, and competitive price point, it’s the safety partner of choice for high-profile events in Los Angeles, like the Pre-Oscars gift lounge at Kimpton LaPeer Hotel in West Hollywood and Haute’s own September Cover Launch at Hyde Sunset. 

EOn’s genesis was in the summer of 2020, as the modern-day solution to a modern-day problem. Its co-founder, Austin Hurst created the brand because he wanted to aid in the resolve of the global health threat posed by coronavirus. After feeling a call to action to support public health, he started marketing and selling the company’s Multi-Surface Disinfectant spray and quickly added the Continuous Spray Hand Sanitizer after the former’s success. Now they’re introducing Disinfectanting wipes used by hospitals into their company’s line of production, which kill SARS-CoV-2:Delta Strain on hard non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds with its sophisticated formula. It’ll be on shelves by Christmas and brimming the swag bags of the hottest award shows this season. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images for Haute Living

EOn’s mission is fueled by Austin’s social and environmental values, which he embedded into the DNA of eOn BrandTM. He strives not only for human health and well-being but makes efforts toward supporting environmental health as well. All eOn disinfectant products are registered with the EPA, contain less plastic and packaging than the leading competitors, and are made with premium, fully recyclable materials. The company’s upcoming disinfecting wipes will run in a similar eco-friendly vein as their existing products when they hit the market as well. Each container of the eOn wipes will be made with 46% less packaging than the leading competitors, and the wipes will also be smaller with a higher quantity per container; ergo less waste per use. With their design and brand mission in mind, eOn is not only the safest option for gatherings but also the greener option for environmentally conscious events. 

The company’s values aren’t the only aspect of the brand that makes it attractive to event planners. Eon’s hand sanitizing mist product has sleek packaging, is comprised of a no-fuss mist (versus globs of sanitizing gel) and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky – only clean and smooth. These features make it ideal for those looking for a sophisticated and effective solution to guest safety. The professional-grade formula for eOn hand sanitizing mist was designed in the USA and is free of any dyes or parabens. The mist is comprised of 80% ethyl alcohol, killing approximately 99.99% of common germs, and the new disinfecting wipes are comprised of an alcohol-free formula that kills 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. With results like that paired with the product’s clean aesthetic, it’s easy to see why event planners are confident in their decision to move forward with eOn as a safety partner for current and future events. 

With the threat of Coronavirus still at large, guest safety at events is of the utmost importance. EOn founders believe it’s critical that we stay diligent and take the necessary steps to limit the spread, while still celebrating life. “As the global community continues its fight against COVID-19 pandemic it is imperative we stay vigilant to protect others. Several individuals in our communities, churches, schools, etc are still not protected against this threat and we need to all do our part to help them. Safety products, ours, or other brands are very important and event-goers should have the option to feel safe,” said eOn BrandTM co-founder Austin Hurst.

 Implementing sanitization and disinfection measures into the DNA of an event’s logistics is a reality in 2021 that planners can’t ignore. With eOn hand sanitizing mist and wipes, guests can feel safe and event planners can feel good knowing that safety is sorted.  

Photo Credit: eOn BrandWritten in partnership with eOn BrandTM