Everyone’s Life Should Be An Exciting Mix Of Working Hard And Being Nice To Others: Model Jessica Knura Shares Her Thoughts On Leading A Content Life

Photo Credit: Jessica KnuraStyle is all about self-expression and this is something Model Jessica Knura has already aced. A young girl who is working hard each day to up her game, she is a famous Polish model, who is currently residing and modeling in Germany. Starting her journey from Vancouver, Canada where she met a manager who proved to be her biggest asset in the fashion world.

According to Jessica, it’s all about the hardships in the earlier stage before one grows in any profession. With her diligence and hard work, she has managed to climb the ladder of success and make her mark in the industry in just a few years. Being a newcomer in the industry, she had to work towards building connections. Thanks to her sweet and friendly nature, making friends wasn’t difficult for Jessica Knura. At the beginning of her career itself, she met some of the greatest and friendliest people with the help of her manager who is now her closest companion, an amazing supporter.

While most of the youngsters are enjoying their lives to the fullest, Model Jessica Knura is on her way to pursue her goals and ambitions. Being a fashion model demands a lot of time and dedication, but she refuses to give up; instead, her commitment and consistency towards making it big in the industry have kept her going. Her dream of campaigning for GUESS one has kept her motivated and has driven her towards the path of continuous learning and growth. Even after being successful in the modeling world, Jessica shared her photographs and portfolio with photographers and agencies who, impressed with her work, hired her. This helped her take a step further towards learning new things and growing in the industry.

Model Jessica Knura knows exactly what she needs to do to make her stand out from the crowd. There is no look that she can’t pull off, owing to which she has been approached by various well-reputed brands. Collaborating with brands like fashion clothing brands- GUESS, Balmain hair Couture, and other top-notch brands has been a milestone for Jessica that she has achieved at such an early stage of her life. Her trustworthiness in this market has made brands pay her to work together with them as well as do cover shootings for various magazines like ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, l’officiel, and Maxim.

Jessica does not have just stunning looks but even a beautiful heart. She lives with the values of being nice to every person she meets and passing on a smile to every stranger she comes across. She believes that no one ever knows what the person is going through or what their story is, so if we can make someone’s day brighter by just being nice to them, we should do it. Her humbleness and thoughtfulness are what defines her worth as a human.

Even after achieving so much, she is not fully content with her life. Having Polish roots and seeing her girlfriends married, happy with their families makes her yearn for a family. With her 25th birthday soon approaching, Model Jessica Knura wishes to start a family of her own all the while working with her dream brands to create magic in the fashion world.

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