Jae Park: How I Bought My Dream Home At 25 Years Old

Photo Credit: Jae ParkJae Park is a 28-year-old self-made multi-millionaire and entrepreneur. Those who are familiar with the digital world know Jae Park for his work in the digital marketing sector. At 23 years old, he made his first million-selling Facebook ad formats to businesses that needed advertising. Five years later, he has multiplied that figure by 6, set up a half dozen new companies, and has even managed to buy his dream home

This isn’t a story of someone who inherited his fortune. This is a story about a self-made millionaire who built his empire from scratch. We’re talking about new money. Jae saw his dream home at age 16 and knew that someday he would be moving into his dream multi-million dollar mansion. Years later, his dreams manifested into a reality, and he bought the same mansion he had his eyes on years ago. He has accomplished goals most of us could only dream of… but where did this internet genius come from? 

We wanted to get the full scoop on the internet mogul.

Finding his Fortune

Jae moved to America with his family at 11 years old. He didn’t speak a single word of English and never quite managed to fit in with the school system in the states. 

His hard-working parents were barely managing to keep the family afloat. He reminisces over how they could only afford to eat out at a restaurant once a month. As a teenager, he lamented the lack of finer things because he wanted it for himself and his poor, hard-working parents. 

When he was growing up, he was never attentive at school. He found it pointless and uninteresting. Instead, he would start his own business, bring himself and his family out of poverty, and pay off his parents’ debts. He left school at 16 and never looked back, although he admits that it took him a few years to find the thing that would make him financially successful.

Jae failed numerous start-ups before finding success in designing Facebook ads for companies. He never gave up & made it happen.

The words that motivated him most were “One day of rest is another day of work for my parents.”  He was determined to grow his business to a point where he was wealthy enough to pay his parent’s bills and buy their dream home. At age 23, his company produced its first million-dollar profit. At age 25, he sold that business for $6.2 million and became the epitome of the American Dream.

What’s Next for Jae Park?

Now that he is living in the home he always dreamed of, Jae has big plans for the future. He owns and operates Corsa Motorsports and an Exotic Car Rental company. Both companies reside in California. He still operates in the world of online businesses, so we can expect his digital marketing firm to keep making money for years to come.

Follow him on Instagram (@JaePark_) to keep up with his lifestyle. It’s well worth watching if you love fast cars.

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