Haute Living Miami Ambassador Radmila Lolly On Her “Magic” Birthday Celebration

Last month, our Haute Living Miami ambassador, Radmila Lolly, hosted her birthday celebration at the iconic rooftop of Mr. C Coconut Grove, a luxury hotel in Miami’s beloved Coconut Grove neighborhood. But the night held more celebration than Lolly’s birthday; she released her new single, “Magic,” performed by the live string quartet, choir, and band for the guests, creating a night to truly remember. We sat down with Lolly to take an inside look into the magical evening, from her new single release to the holographic preview of the “Diva” collection from “Eltara Casata” by Radmilla Lolly presented by Portl—the world’s first single-passenger holoportation machine. Keep scrolling to discover Lolly’s most memorable moments of the soiree and what she is looking forward to most this next year. 

HAUTE LIVING: You recently celebrated your birthday at Mr. C in Coconut Grove Luxury Hotel. Why did you choose that location to host the party?
RADMILA LOLLY: Cipriani has been my family since I lived in New York City; at any location, I feel “home.”

Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly

HL: What was your favorite part of the evening?
RL: Hearing my live compositions played by musicians was a genuinely out-of-body experience. It took me into memory lane, how I composed, note by note, and now I’m taking my friends onto my waves of sounds and into the musical journey.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HLYour outfits were stunning. How did you choose what to wear to the party? 
RL: When I think of the event or the theme, the outfits just come to mind naturally, so I sketch them and put it into production.
HL: You released your new single “Magic” at the party — can you tell us about the new song? What was the inspiration?
RL: The “Magic” single represents the “Magic City” — Miami, my new hometown. It’s fun, cultural, and very me.
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
HL: Guests were also able to enjoy the holographic preview of the “Diva” collection presented by Portl. What was that like?
RL: Seeing myself as a hologram was a wonderful experience. I think that’s where the future is heading. I can’t wait to collaborate with Portl again. 
Radmila LollyPhoto Credit: Radmila Lolly
Radmila Lolly
Photo Credit: Radmila Lolly
Radmily LollyPhoto Credit: Radmily Lolly
HL: What are your hopes for the upcoming year after celebrating your birthday? What are you looking forward to most?
RL: To release my debut novel “DIVA” that corresponds with 27 movements album and the couture collection with a grandiose show.