Vocal for Local – Miami Lifestyle’s Evolution From A Social Media Page To A Thriving Community

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Lifestyle Miami

Entrepreneurship is not a bus trip to the top; it is often a journey with many stops, delays, and transfers. For many people, their entrepreneurial journey starts as a quest to make money and live a comfortable life. This is not how Lifestyle Miami came about.

Lifestyle Miami began as a hobby, all it was meant to be was a page for fun, but life truly does work however it pleases as this page grew into a community page. It evolved into a promotional platform for businesses in Miami that could benefit from the exposure. Local businesses that can’t afford large budgets for digital strategies turn to their savior, Lifestyle Miami.

Quickly seeing how the page could help business owners and make Miami better, the founder began hosting events, charities and worked with city leaders to impact change in the community. He cleared the path for more people to get involved in their community and contribute in any way they can.

Giving back to the community is an unmatched joy that Lifestyle Miami is proud to impart to the city of Miami. Together, people can achieve great things, and all it takes is one person to bring people together.

Now an entrepreneurial venture, even though it didn’t begin as one, Lifestyle Miami is a haven for the people of Miami, especially small business owners. It is a hope that more people will be touched to help out in bringing positive change to the community and ensuring continuity.

The meaning of success varies from person to person. For Lifestyle Miami, it is all about ensuring that you have peace of mind and help out in any way you can. Be an inspiration to someone and make their life easier, if not better.

What started as a social media page is now a community of over a million fans, standing stronger and changing lives. Lifestyle Miami is the pride of the city of Miami and does well to showcase the city’s rich culture, diversity, and togetherness.