It’s The Age Of Aquarius, Baby! Susan Miller Dishes On How A Better Future Is Written In The Stars

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I don’t know about you, but Susan Miller is my be-all, end-all. The founder of Astrology Zone is the astrologer with a cult following that everyone can relate to (and listens to). So when she has a new project, I’m all ears. Her latest endeavor is a collaboration with Canopy Growth Corporation for the launch of its first CBD-infused beverage, Quatreau. The launch day coincided with a rare cosmic event known as The Age of Aquarius – a new astrological era promising social change, the end of convention, and a renewed focus on spiritual growth, self-care and higher consciousness. So basically: hallelujah! I chatted with Susan about her new partnership, the Age of Aquarius and why 2021 is already so much better (and will continue to be so!) than 2020.

Susan MillerPhoto Credit: Susan Miller
Why do you think astrology is experiencing such a huge pop-cultural comeback?

It has always been interesting to people. Due to social media, we are exposed to what astrology can offer. Because of its rich structure astrology can probe any area of life and give creative answers to complex questions. Too often when we have a dilemma, only one solution appears to us and it is not necessarily the right one. With astrology, you can get a whole variety of answers and you can choose the best for you.

How will the Age of Aquarius affect us and our society?

We are already seeing the changes. The pandemic didn’t cause the Age of Aquarius but it accelerated its growth. We’ll see major transformations across all sectors and in every facet of our lives including technology, transportation, medicine, food, government, art, science, entertainment and fashion. Aquarius is linked to mathematics and science. Some of the biggest breakthroughs will be in space, medicine and high tech. Aquarius likes to work in groups. Charitable and philanthropic efforts will blossom.

How exactly do our zodiac signs influence our tastes – from our favorite self-care practices, down to the flavors we prefer?

Astrology is tied to the seasons and astrologers are taught that Mother Nature is the great teacher. Depending on the month we are born, we are either fire, air, earth or water. Every sign is a unique combination of cardinal, fixed or mutable as well as fire, air, earth, or water. Each one of us is a unique combination.

Why did you choose to partner with Quatreau?

I felt that they were the leader and Quatreau is totally unlike anything I have ever encountered. Unlike energy drinks, Quatreau doesn’t rely on artificial stimulants – only simple ingredients like sparkling water, fruit-based flavors and 20 mg of CBD per can. In addition, they have gone through extensive and impressive efforts to create a delicious product, with a great emphasis on quality. I always have to be in a calm state when I write as it allows me to be more imaginative and creative. Switching to a clean, simple alternative like Quatreau, I feel like I am making healthier choices – which is why I think of it as the perfect beverage for the Age of Aquarius. I also wanted my readers to better understand the role that functional ingredients like CBD can play in helping people manage their stress and prioritize wellness during this transitional period.

Susan MillerPhoto Credit: Susan Miller

Which Quatreau flavor is for you based on your sign?

I love all the flavors, just like I love all of my readers.

Tell me the truth: Do the stars indicate that 2021 will be great, or just better than 2020?

We are taking baby steps out of this pandemic. The recovery from Covid-19 will not be like turning on a light switch. It will be a gradual process that will take us through 2022. The reason I say that is that Saturn is staying in Aquarius a respiratory sign until March 7, 2023. Saturn is the great teacher. He asks us to follow rules and not to step off the chalk line that he draws for you. If you do, there is always some type of consequence. How long the pandemic is going to last is up to the citizens of the world and how well they listen to science. The economic recovery is tied to the pandemic. At least this year, we are not shocked by the virus. We know what we have to do and are more adjusted. Part of the pandemic’s goal was to accelerate us more into the Age of Aquarius. We are now more digital than ever and working differently.

What are obstacles – financial and otherwise – that we should be on the lookout for?

This year Saturn and Uranus are at odds with each other. Saturn rules tradition and all things valuable from the past. Uranus wants to be innovative and create new structures, products, and methods more suitable to the times. First meeting was was Feb 17th, the second is coming on June 14th, and the third will be on Dec 24th. It is the question of what do we want the world to look like? What do we want to keep and what do we want to innovate?

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Time. As a writer I am under the terror of the clock. Having a free day is a tremendous luxury.

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