Raj Shares His Story Of How He Makes 6 Figures A Day Using Shopify

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Utkarsh RajPhoto Credit: Utkarsh Raj

Utkarsh Raj is a budding entrepreneur who has made a breakthrough in e-commerce at the young age of 19. This young self-made entrepreneur from India makes 6 figures a day using Shopify in the ecommerce space. He achieved success early in his life because he was able to realize his skills and goals much earlier when he was only 12.

Just like any other boys of his age, Utkarsh Raj would go to school with the sole aim to excel in academics. However, when he was 12, he started exploring the world of coding. Crunching numbers intrigued him and he began creating cool apps and exciting games. This was when he realized his knack for business. He also began to understand the importance of investing to grow money. He started investing the money he earned from apps in cryptocurrencies and felt ecstatic to see his income multiply.

When Utkarsh Raj was 15, he watched some of his friends buying products from online stores. He started browsing through online stores out of sheer curiosity to find opportunities to earn. Soon, he realized the hidden potential of ecommerce and started his research to explore it. He figured out that dropshipping was the right gateway for him to put his entrepreneurial skills to work. He picked dropshipping because he knew that it requires little capital to get started.  The only investment he needed to make on this new venture is time.

Within a few weeks, he was able to open three dropshipping websites on Shopify. His next target was to reach the right audience. He used Facebook ads for this. In no time he generated huge traffic for these websites and soon money started rolling in. He knew he found his niche and wasted no time to achieve his dreams.

Within a year he created 30 dropshipping stores on the Shopify platform. Now his stores generate revenue of $50,000-$100,000 a day. He used his money to venture more into blockchain technology and online marketing. There was no looking back now for him. He has already achieved his dream and is living it now.

However, his journey from a 12 year old kid to a young budding entrepreneur was not a cakewalk. He has faced several challenges and made many mistakes. He even lost all the money he invested and fought his fear to be able to take another leap of faith. All of this paid off to help him get to where he is today.

Utkarsh Raj is living a luxurious life and has everything that many dream of. What is most astonishing is his journey into the entrepreneurial world has just started. Utkarsh Raj is also a travel enthusiast. He believes in buying experiences and not materials. He uses his wanderlust to explore more opportunities to learn and grow. The young entrepreneur from India has already become an inspiration to many and also wishes to help others to make their dreams come true.