How Paying Attention To Your Daily Habits Can Translate To Big Bucks

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Photo Credit: Shawn Sharma

Meet Shawn Sharma—an impressive successful credit card arbitrage entrepreneur who started with nothing.

Many people spend most of their time complaining about their finances rather than taking a hard look at why they struggle in the first place. Credit score plays a much larger role in success than those people could ever imagine. Shawn Sharma proves that taking a closer look at those three little numbers can increase a person’s annual wealth by the thousands! Through his company, Credit 101, Sharma shows his thousands of clients how to improve their credit, build wealth through credit and travel hacking, and achieve their biggest dreams. The best part is that anyone can do this, as Sharma himself started out with zero seed money and translated it into a seven-figure income.

Sharma grew up in poverty. The son of Indian immigrants, a doctor, and a college professor, Sharma’s parents could not translate their education to comparable US jobs. Sharma began zeroing in on the things in his life he had control over, starting with his education. He became determined to discover success, wealth, and dream fulfillment. Starting with a scholarship to an elite boarding school, Sharma went on to Cornell University, and eventually, medical school. While in college, he discovered the lucrative benefits of credit arbitrage from which he was quickly earning $2,000-$3,000 per day. Founding Credit 101, Shawn created a plan to help empower others to leverage their own credit and have the same opportunities for wealth and success as him.

Credit 101 helps clients to legally take advantage of credit cards and travel offers, such as bonuses, rewards, cash-back, and more. Sharma shows his thousands of clients how to improve their credit scores and access lines of credit to fund businesses, explaining that the best part of his success comes from creating equal opportunities for everyone interested in meeting their financial goals. “My goal has always been to share these legal secrets with others who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths but still want to achieve financial freedom,” he says.

During his time at Cornell University, Sharma began maximizing frequent flyer miles to save his parents money on his trips home to Alabama. He created over a dozen businesses that earned him a seven-figure income that continues to grow by the month. Sharma has over a million followers on Instagram and is seen as one of the industry’s top influencers. However, Sharma is not content merely raking in the money for himself, but instead shares opportunities for success with those who want to learn. He says, “I aim to teach others how to earn money and build wealth just by tweaking their daily consumption habits.” Sharma says the response has been staggering, and he foresees Credit 101 growing to a billion-dollar valuation in the future.

Most people shop with credit cards, travel somewhat regularly, and make daily choices that are opportunities to make cash-back. Sharma teaches clients about the benefits of paying credit cards before their statement closes to avoid paying interest while still accruing miles, cash-back, and points. Even a family earning $40,000 annually can see a several-thousand-dollar yearly return on their actions.

One of the keys to massive success is delegating lesser tasks. Sharma knows this secret well. He regularly trains one manager before setting that person free to hire, recruit, train, and build the team below him. In doing so, Sharma has extra time to network, collaborate, build strong business partnerships, and explore other enticing endeavors.

The people who not only get rich but gain the respect and reverence of the world around them are the ones who make time to help others. Sharma embodies this trait by helping with multiple charities, supporting his disabled mother, and inspiring people of all colors and socioeconomic backgrounds to dream big. Sharma says, “If I can come this far, I know that anyone who isn’t afraid to work for it can do the same.”

To follow Shawn Sharma and learn more about how you can fix your credit score and maximize your personal wealth, check him out on his website and Instagram.