It’s Official! Season 2 Of The Reality Show The Moscatels Will Be Coming Soon!!!

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: The Moscatels

The long-awaited announcement of a second season of The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love, and Drama has officially been confirmed! What’s even more exciting is that the show is set to go into production in less than a month. If you have been keeping up with the Moscatels, you know that everything they do, they do bigger and better the next time around. And with the world starting to open up a little bit, there will surely be some even more extravagant adventures and moments to be shared than ever before. Rumor has it that the first episode will take place out of the country somewhere tropical. Insiders have told us that the couple’s five-year anniversary is coming up, so we likely can expect to see some of those celebrations in the upcoming season. Here’s everything we know so far, Cole and Kelsea have approved travel destinations for filming in season 2, their adorable son Zayden is about to be 3 years old so we will likely get to know him a little bit better, and the couple has expanded their brand Snob Concierge so much so that some of the biggest celebs in the biz have been coming to them to create epic experiences. Hopefully, all three of those things will be incorporated into season 2! Fans are already making speculations on all that season 2 will entail, we cannot wait to see if any of those speculations are accurate. A release date and more details are coming soon.