At Just 19, Tarun Bhati Rewrites The Rules Of Venture Capital

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Tarun BhatiPhoto Credit: Tarun Bhati

At just 19, Tarun Bhati is grabbing headlines for running three different businesses. At 15, he started a Minecraft server in a bid to become more financially self-reliant. The venture was more profitable than he could have imagined, allowing him to funnel some of those profits into creating a venture capital company called Oleada Capital.

He soon expanded his portfolio by adding WinRobux, an advertising platform, and Prior Public, a media company.


With Oleada, he has helped local groups and businesses invest in public domains turning them into stakeholders in New Delhi’s largest firms. These investment products have had a greater return on investment than the alternatives allowing them to better weather the economic ups and downs to come.

Tarun Bhati’s unique approach has allowed local businesses as well as his investors to prosper. He’s always on the hunt for new investment opportunities with good returns for both himself and his investors. His hunger to tackle every challenge along the way has helped him find amazing investment opportunities.


His insights as a young man gave him an edge in advertising. Something many people aren’t able to grasp at his age. Among members of his age demographic, online gaming is bigger than it has ever been and is projected to keep growing.

One of the more popular games played is called Roblox. Roblox has an in-game currency called Robux. The currency only has value to the over one hundred million Roblox players.

Through Winrobux, he uses millions of players to advertise products and run market surveys in exchange for Robux. This wide reach allows him to pin down the highly sought-after 18-34 age demographic thereby helping his copy scale rapidly.

Prior Public

With the reach available to him from WinRobux, the progression to Prior Public was a natural fit. Prior Public allows its clients to reach out to millions of people to broadcast their ads and promote their brands.

Tarun Bhati’s experience with advertising in the online gaming category has helped Prior Public create incredibly effective campaigns for his clients. These clients are very happy with the exposure and return on investment they’re seeing from their ad spend. This has been especially helpful for brands that find it difficult to reach their target audience through traditional media.

 The future of Oleada Capital?

Oleada Capital aims to be at the bleeding edge of innovation in the capital markets. To do this, they are looking to offer online exchange services to their clientele. The speed and convenience would expand their reach and give them a healthier bottom-line.

Venture Capital like many investment vehicles has its success tied to the amount of capital they have to invest, the rate of return they can offer, and a history of delivering results. With the success of Prior Public and WinRobux, an influx of liquid cash could be used to expand the venture capital footprint giving their clients an even better ROI.

There has been a trend towards the use of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) to bypass having to get equities in the open markets. This strategy aligns with the company vision of democratizing sophisticated investment vehicles to the masses.

With the rally in cryptocurrencies, the company has an opportunity to expand to this market alongside its investment into the online exchange. The future is very bright for Oleada Capital with a number of lucrative opportunities on the horizon.