Hip Hop Artist Yung Gecko Blows Up TikTok

Written in partnership with Ascend 

Photo Credit: Yung Gecko

Rising Hip Hop artist Yung Gecko has gained over 3 million streams across all platforms with this creative and engaging music. Yung Gecko made his debut in the world of hip hop and rap with his first song “Fake Friends” which was released in March 2020. Since then, all his social media platforms have been blowing up with people who loved to listen and engage with his music. His debut song has crossed 700,000 streams and the number is growing every day.

Yung Gecko is a music sensation on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Out of countless artists publishing their music on these popular platforms, Yung Gecko stands out for his versatility. He continuously experiments with beats to create a variety of genres focusing on the style of hip hop and rap. He has shown his caliber in creating melodious medleys like “Time” and also fast tracks like “Spain”.

Fortunately, Yung Gecko recognized his talent since his school days when he started playing saxophone at the age of 8. He soon found his passion in music and began taking piano lessons that helped a lot in shaping him as a musician. Yung Gecko was inspired by Drake and his album “What a Time To Be Alive”. As he grew up, he found his prime interest in electronic music which later culminated in different genres of hip hop and rap.

Yung Gecko started honing his skills at his home studio by creating music. He firmly believes that with a passion for music and a strong knowledge of mixing, anyone can create his own beats at home. There is no need to book a studio and spend a huge amount of money. With just a few hundred dollars he was able to set up his home studio. His major investment has been on an industry-level microphone. He uses Logic Pro X for recording, mixing, and mastering his vocals. Yung Gecko records all of his music at a home studio.

His creations have always fascinated his listeners and this is the reason his followers on TikTok are increasing in leaps and bounds every day. TikTok is a social media platform where people connect by sharing short forms of videos on dance, music, comedy, education, etc. Yung Gecko used this platform to reach out to people who share the same passion and taste for music as he does. Within a few months, he was able to draw in a huge fan base, entertaining them with his creative beats.

In the coming years, Yung Gecko plans to work harder on improving his skills to connect to more people of similar interests. He hopes to continue experimenting with beats producing more engaging and thrilling compositions to turn his fans crazy. Yung Gecko wishes to be a role model to those people who share his passion for music and dream to produce their own music.

Presently, Yung Gecko is studying music education. He is working hard to balance both his education and career without compromising either of them. Judging by his talent and growth so far, it is obvious that this rising artist will make big strides in the music industry in the future.