Gabe Adzich Shifted Gears From Being A Basketball Star To Being A Forward-Thinking Entrepreneur

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Photo Credit: Gabe Adzich

Gabe Adzich is only 23 years old, yet he already has quite an impressive list of achievements. He became a basketball star in high school and continued to do so in college while playing for the Horned Frogs at Texas Christian University. He was even gearing up to play pro in the NBA or Europe. However, he simply couldn’t stop feeling like he was meant to do something innovative. That is why he dramatically shifted gears and followed the entrepreneurial drive within him.

To follow his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Gabe transferred from TCU to Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles. This is where he went onto learn the skills he would need to become a successful entrepreneur.

It was also where he was inspired to launch his first startup. It was such a success that he received accolades, awards, and praise for it. Ever since then, Gabe has been motivated to continually push the envelope of what is possible. For him, age is no barrier to what he can accomplish. Given just how young he is, and how much he has accomplished already, it is clear to see that Gabe is likely to continue his meteoric rise of entrepreneurial success.

Gabe has been thinking ahead and future-proofing his entrepreneurial pursuits. That is why he has put his focus on XR, or extended reality. Related to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), XR is a way to blend physical and digital environments. There are limitless use-cases for this, which is why his new startup, PRISM XR, has been receiving clients from numerous industries. These include businesses involved in food and beverage, tech, entertainment, retail, vitamins, and gaming industries, plus others.

For Gabe, the possibilities for XR are virtually endless. However, he is developing this emerging technology in a way that allows it to be utilized within the digital marketing strategies of world-class brands and agencies. Technologies like XR, VR, and AR are only getting started. The speed at which they are growing indicates that Gabe is going to continue his rise of entrepreneurial success with XR being a major driver of it.

Gabe has been hard at work, delivering solutions for a number of Fortune 500 companies, all of which want to benefit from XR. This leading-edge technology has the potential to provide a significant upside to many industries, so it is not surprising there are so many businesses pining to benefit from PRISM XR’s services.

While Gabe also has another startup called KAFF Coffee, is involved in real estate development, and is also an investor in a few other startups, his primary focus right now is PRISM XR. With the significant shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce over 2020 and into 2021, XR is going to be a technology that is increasingly in demand.

To learn more information on Gabe Adzich and his entrepreneurial ventures, you can head over to his website.