5 Things Every Brand Must Consider In 2021 As Per E-Commerce Expert Cohen Branden Chorabik

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Cohen Branden Chorabik

Geomatics is defined as the study of the collection, distribution, storage, and distribution of data. When someone has studied this area and combines it with a creative streak, you have the formula for a brilliant e-commerce entrepreneur. More specifically, you get someone like Cohen Branden Chorabik.

At only 27 years old, Cohen has created an automated e-commerce platform that authorizes sellers to offer customers otherwise “restricted” brands that have to be approved for resale. As for which brands are on that list, think Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Adidas, Reebok, and Levi’s-just to name a few. While the COVID-19 pandemic crushed thousands of businesses in 2020, Cohen’s company didn’t just flourish, it grew exponentially. Thanks to his geomatics background, this business owner handled the sudden growth with ease and shared some tips on how others can scale their e-commerce companies.


Marketing is critical to the success of a business. If potential customers don’t know a company is there, they will not be in touch. Luckily, marketing is easier than ever thanks to social media. Set up a company page on every platform you can and post ads that are relevant but memorable. The goal is to communicate with potential customers and make them want to watch your ads.


This is the core of Cohen’s business and the source of his tremendous success. If you are involved in e-commerce, you can set up automation in at least one area of your business. This means you can focus on other areas or have more free time to enjoy your revenues. In the event of drop-shipping, automation can save a considerable amount of time since an order comes into your store, but the supplier ships it out instead of you being a middleman in the process.


Customer service is the heart and soul of a business. This department must be strong and very well run. Cohen’s business has 24/7 live customer support whose sole purpose is to put out fires, no matter how large or small. Remember, a happy customer might tell 2 people about their experience but an irate one is more likely to share the store with the world.


While this can fall under automation, it is important enough to focus on this topic by itself. If you can only afford automation in one area, make it this one. Shipping and handling have multiple steps and even one order can take a big chunk of time from your day. Hire someone for this sole purpose. Yes, their pay might have a significant impact at first, but you will likely see a good return on the investment.


A website can be the first interaction between a company and its customers. Because of this, a good online first impression is critical. A sparse website or one that is too “busy” will have people going elsewhere almost immediately. Make sure your page has just enough information to attract and hold attention. Other must-haves are high-resolution images, ease of use, promotional offers, and contact information delivered at first glance.

These are basic yet effective techniques for scaling up an e-commerce business. Remember, more people are at home and online. They might not be able to go out to shop, so goods need to go to them. Make people want to shop with you, offer hot products, provide excellent customer service; it’s not a magic formula, it’s good business sense.