Topnotch Brand The Beard Struggle Is Impressing Men All Over The World With Its Premium Beard Care Products

Written in partnership with DN News DeskThe Beard StrugglePhoto Credit: The Beard StruggleThe Beard Struggle is a growing brand with a team full of passionate professionals and an increasing customer base worldwide.

Consumer behaviour is something that brands need to understand more, no matter what niche they cater to. When it comes to the grooming industry, a brand must look at things from the customer’s perspective and create products that can exceed their expectations. As the idea of staying clean and healthy is ingrained more in customers, they are constantly looking out for brands that offer products that can help them take care of themselves. The Beard Struggle tops the list in the grooming industry as they are a company that makes every possible effort in providing men with the best and the most premium quality beard care products.

The Beard Struggle was founded in 2015 by Faiysal Kothiwala with the mission to make men more confident about how their beard looks and creating products that can help them take care of it. The Beard Struggle is about spreading brotherhood worldwide and encouraging bearders and admirers to change the world for the better by creating a movement to support the growth of the beard culture.

To stay ahead in the competitive industry and appeal to the target audience, The Beard Struggle’s team uses influencer marketing and encourages customer-generated content across social media platforms. They also use PPC ads and have an ambassador program for offering commissions to customers. The Beard Struggle also has a Brand Viking Program offering exclusive merchandise, exciting discounts, and free products to all their VIP customers.

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