How To Reach New Heights With Lior Poly

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Lior PolyPhoto Credit: Lior Poly

High-flying marketing manager Lior Poly on how goal setting shouldn’t just be reserved for your career.

When it comes to the world of work, most of us want to do better. Achieving greater things is a built-in part of human nature. It is embedded into our psyche. It is written in our stars… but what if you could change those stars? What if you could make them more achievable, one day at a time? That’s what Lior Poly has achieved and that’s what we want to talk about today.

“I was just a kid with a laptop and big dreams”

Lior Poly wasn’t always a high-flying marketing and technical advisor. Back in his early years, he was just like any other young boy. The only difference was in his dream. Where little Joey was dreaming of toy trucks and trains, Lior was learning how video games worked, how machines connected with each other over multi-level platforms, and he was never separated from his laptop.

At age 15, Lior’s teachers wanted to expel him from school. The reason? He spent too much time on his computer. He wasn’t focused on his studies and they thought he was a lost cause. The truth was that Lior knew what he wanted to do in life and had a clear idea of how to get there. To execute his plan, he needed to become a web developer and then climb the ranks through the internet to become a successful investor, marketer, and affiliate link entrepreneur. 

Lior learned how to write apps, how to manage a successful AdSense account, and how to build his own websites. By the time he was 21, Lior had made his first million dollars. Since then, it has been a steady climb to the top. But enough about the “what.” We want to know how. 

According to Lior Poly, success isn’t just about finding your feet in the working world. The same techniques you can use to get ahead in business will help you get ahead at home. 

How to Achieve More at Home?

Your home and relationships aren’t subject to the same rules as the corporate world is. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seize opportunities with both hands. If you want things to happen, you must make them happen for yourself. You can’t wait, watching the world going by and hoping it falls into your lap.

The key to success at home is to operate using the same SMART goal-setting processes that we might apply in a business situation. You must look at the issue, examine the solutions you might have with the S.M.A.R.T approach:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Lior always advises that we pick a niche that works for us. It should be evergreen, as broad as possible, and not cost too much to market. He says that broad appeal is important so that you can keep your marketing costs low. Similarly, you shouldn’t be afraid to get into a niche with staunch competition, because that competition is evidence of the strength of the market.

Do you want that promotion? Take a free online course that makes you better suited for the position than the next guy. Do you want that new relationship? You spend the time nurturing it. Do you want the perfect body? You start hitting the gym

The point is that you go for it… even if it is only an inch at a time.