Quitting His Day Job For Dropshipping: The Beginning Of Louis Cooke’s Journey

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Louis CookePhoto Credit: Louis Cooke

Would you take the risk of trying something new for a week and then immediately leaving your permanent job for it? It seems like a far-fetched idea. You would think of so many factors like your income streams, opportunities in the new job, whether you will like it in the long-term, and if it suits your skill-set. 

Making the switch is a significant risk, and you may not want to go for it right away. This is not just your reaction. Anyone who thinks about his revenue streams will consider these factors. But Louis Cooke didn’t. He wasn’t afraid to take the risk.

Louis Cooke is now one of the most famous dropshippers globally, revolutionizing the space through his innovative ideas and strategies. And it all started with his decision to quit his job and take up dropshipping as his full-time career.

Cooke’s life-changing decision

Cooke was leading a comfortable life at 20. He had a 9 to 5 job that was paying him a good salary. But he didn’t like the job. It was as if his boss was forcing him to work. He started feeling out of place in his office. Even though he was earning well, it wasn’t giving him any satisfaction or happiness.

This was the time when he came across dropshipping. He had a physical brand for nearly four years, but he knew dropshipping required a different set of skills. His job dissatisfaction and the urge to grow his online business gave him the impetus to try dropshipping.

Cooke’s experience in e-commerce finally paid off. Only seven days into dropshipping, Cooke decided that he would leave his 9 to 5 job. He became so involved in dropshipping that its elusive success compelled him to give up the position that paid him a satisfying salary. Cooke took a leap of faith and decided to stick to dropshipping because of the incredible opportunities it can afford. Fortunately, his decision worked well in his favor.

Cooke explains his dropshipping technique

Cooke had years of e-commerce experience through building physical brands. But connecting it to dropshipping gave him unexpected results. He couldn’t believe that he could earn so much with dropshipping. Cooke wasn’t so sure about dropshipping until he saw the results. 

Everyone who told him about this industry mentioned that Facebook ads played a massive role in making a brand successful. This concept made Cooke skeptical. He hated investing money in something that didn’t guarantee any returns.

Instead of pondering Facebook ads, Cooke used his knowledge and experience in e-commerce and used it in his dropshipping store. This difference in approach made him one of the best in the business. He started getting unbelievable results without investing heavily in ads. Cooke even began teaching others this unique technique, knowing that many would benefit from it, particularly those who work with a constricted budget.

Cooke now has a YouTube channel and also shares snippets of his ideas on Instagram. You can follow him if you want to learn more about dropshipping and plan on taking the risk soon, just like Cooke did.