Omar Del Villar Gives An Insight Into His Journey From Being A Night Club Host To An Entrepreneur

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Omar Del VillarPhoto Credit: Omar Del Villar

The life of an entrepreneur looks swanky and full of luxuries. But there goes a lot of hard work behind having that perfect life. In simple words, entrepreneurship is stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something extraordinary. While many consider it as a risk, many are passionate about building a business empire. Omar Del Villar is one classic example who is an inspiration to all budding entrepreneurs. He has a company named ‘GoGiveaways’ in the USA that helps people grow over the digital domain. His company is said to be the biggest giveaway company in the USA which has had its associations with many renowned celebrities across the globe.

For a very long time, Omar had plans to establish a business in the States. Born in the Dominican Republic, he was raised in Boston and is currently living the life of his dreams in Miami. He says, “Life was not a bed of roses for me. I started from scratch, and I always thought of having a company of my own. With sheer discipline and commitment towards work, my dreams turned into reality.” While many think that working in the USA has many challenges, this visionary man has set an example for all those young minds.

Besides this, Omar Del Villar is also the founder of Echelon Smiles, a dental clinic located in Florida, USA. “As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe that one must not depend on only one source of income. Only those who reach far in their career are versatile and are capable to take risks in life. After all, the golden rule of business rightly states that the higher the risk, the higher is the profit”, added Omar. He started his career as a nightclub host and he always knew that he would not fit in the corporate work life from 9 to 5.

His work as a nightclub host in Boston and Miami was a challenging task, but he managed to make a lot of connections with influencers and celebrities. Some of the top-notch names with whom Omar has worked are The Game, Cardi B, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, and Floyd Mayweather among others. These connections helped the entrepreneur build his small-scale business into a massive company. Today his company is responsible for giving celebrities a much-needed boost over the digital space. Omar Del Villar believes that social media has got a strong impact on people and it has indeed become a booming career option for many youngsters today.

Omar’s knowledge, creativity, and ability to establish connections with influential people have worked big time. Speaking about it, he said, “Networking is the key and all you need in today’s time is a smartphone and an internet connection to make some good money.” With an aim to expand his business across the globe, Omar Del Villar has some interesting plans for his company. The talented entrepreneur wants to build a global platform for all the talented artists who can show their skills to the audience. With this vision, it is pretty clear that the businessman will bring a lot of innovation in the years to come.