Meet Jacob Judah: The Twenty-One-Year-Old Tech Enthusiast From London

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Jacob JudahPhoto Credit: Jacob Judah

Years ago, Jacob Judah used to be known for creating the Swipe app that went viral. Fast forward 4 years, the 21-year-old has taken the digital reins of and provides seed capital to tech start-ups globally.

The journey hasn’t always been so smooth for Jacob. From humble beginnings, he has achieved rapid success, and now he is helping the aspiring youth to smash their goals. When Jacob started out, he created and sold a portfolio of iOS games whilst merely still in high school. The app portfolio amassed well over 10 million downloads, dominating the charts across Europe. To scale up, he then went on to hire over 6 developers to work full-time in India to scale his operations. The most popular app was a game called Swipe which amassed over 5 million downloads which put him on the map.  

At present, Jacob works to advise AR/VR start-ups on strategy and provide investment to young entrepreneurs. The company invests in the next generation of innovation and technology advancement. “We invest in early-stage technology companies. We also advise technology firms on their business strategy.”

What’s next for the aspiring Tech Enthusiast

 “I am starting to invest in businesses that are not just hyped-up consumer plays,” Judah, 21, says.

The potential of the VR/AR space is the next major computing platform that is still in its infancy. His secret to success is connecting with like-minded tech enthusiasts. The number one tip Jacob finds when hiring for any start-up is “everyone needs to buy into the vision as of the company.” What enabled Jacob to come so far in such a short space of time is showing traction and results. He says you also need to be controversial and “always ready to pivot” to stay ahead of the game. When Jacob was asked about attracting customers, he said: “We are always user-centric with every decision made.”

People previously judged him for his age and mistook his crazy business ideas as naivety. He had a lack of support and resources when he initially embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. To prove himself, Jacob showed global virality with his online products. “You need to demonstrate results so people will take you seriously. You need to find people who believe in what you are trying to achieve and leverage their resources.”

Through his perseverance and attention to knowledge accumulation, he has grown as a tech-enthusiast and proven that no matter the circumstances you can overcome adversity. His story is admirable and filled with lessons for those who are seeking to get out of bad situations and improve their life. After talking with him about the early troubles that pushed him to hustle for his success and the later scaling process that allowed him to continually push his business to new limits, these were the aspects of his story with the most value for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jacob’s plans to achieve new business heights

Judah noted that the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already in a place that you want to be. He says moving forward in his business career, he will continue taking risks and betting on talented and ambitious individuals who have big ideas. To successfully scale your business Jacob advises, “To always keep your employees and customers happy as they are key to your business’s success.”

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