LEXSTUDIOS Founder Riccardo Lex Is An Inspiration To Those Who Dream Big

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Photo Credit: Riccardo Lex

“I always had BIG DREAMS. I dared to try a lot, so in the end, I owed a lot,” shares Riccardo Lex – an entrepreneur, successful influencer, content creator, and founder of LEXSTUDIOS. Known for his visionary nature and penchant for understanding the true power of social media, Lex has changed many lives with his work and success story.

Seven years ago, Lex started off as a Network Marketing Professional. Today, it is one of the most demanding jobs as everything important happens on social media. But Lex has been one of those smart people who catered towards this work during the time when it was just growing.

As a Network Marketing Professional, Riccardo Lex has conducted giveaways with Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, Nicky Jam, and many others to increase their social media reach. All this gave him the confidence to build something of his own. Eventually, he founded LEXSTUDIOS and hopes to create cinematic content that will leave an impact on people.

Anyone who knows Lex is aware of the struggle he endured to reach this successful stage in his life. In his own words, Riccardo shares, “The way was not easy, I build up more than 10 companies and started again and again.”

Lex reveals that there also came a time in his life when he thought of giving up on everything. He says, “That was about 6 years ago when I lost everything personally and professionally and had to move to my grandmother’s” But Lex is a dreamer and he decided to start again and with hope and positivity in his heart, he created a life for himself that he always dreamt of.

Riccardo Lex is an inspiration to people in Austria and worldwide. When asked what makes the masses admire him, he believes, “People see me as a role model and an inspiration because after many years I managed to be financially free and to live a dream.”

Lex is a powerful personality who worked hard every day to reach this stature in his career. To those who aspire to be like him one day, Lex has a message. He says, “Never stop believing in yourself. Confidence and self-belief are the keys that drive you on the path of success even if the ride is bumpy at times.”