Kristina Edwards Lists 3 Instagram Mistakes Brands Must Avoid In 2021

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Kristina EdwardsPhoto Credit: Kristina Edwards

Brands have been dominating social media platforms for the past couple of years. Every platform presents unique opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience. Over the past few years, Instagram has grown into one of the most utilized social platforms by brands. However, navigating social tools is not an easy task, especially with users’ attention split between millions of posts appearing on their feeds in minutes.

Kristina Denise Edwards, a successful digital media entrepreneur, has worked in the digital space long enough to pick up on a few common mistakes that most businesses have made in the past.

Overall, growing Instagram accounts is getting harder as more brands compete for the same audiences. It is therefore important to study what your audience prefers before investing in a strategy that won’t take off. That said, here are mistakes that Kristina recommends avoiding in 2021:

Buying likes and followers

This is a common repeat mistake for many personalities and brands as they try to attract more people to their pages. However, this is one of the worst ways to grow an audience on Instagram. There is a massive difference between credible followers because they will engage with your content.

The notion of quantity over quality needs to be squashed as it does more harm than good. There is no return on having thousands of followers and zero to very little engagement on your posts or pages.

Ignoring your followers

While Instagram is a powerful tool that you can wield to grow your business, it is also a lethal weapon that could bring down your business in minutes. Kristina emphasizes the importance of keeping lines of communication with your followers open.

It is not enough to post content every day; you need to set aside time to respond to followers’ comments and messages. That way, you are fostering a connection with the users. The moment your followers feel ignored, they don’t just leave; they take their families and friends with them.

Posting and waiting

Competition on Instagram right now is off the charts as every brand and personality tries to build and communicate their brand personality. Gone are the days when you’d post content on Instagram and wait for likes, comments, and shares to start rolling in. Today’s Instagram requires that you position your page and content in a way that other people from all walks of life can easily find and grasp your message.

The best to do in this case is not only post regularly and take advantage of advanced tools but also make use of the platform’s other features like Reels, Instagram life, and more.

Even when you feel like you know everything about growing your brand on Instagram, it is essential to keep your ear on the ground for the never-ending changes that are changing the platform as we know it.