Goth Rap Artist Kobenz Generates Buzz After Collaboration With Elton John Pianist And His Billboard-Charting Daughter

Written in partnership with Ascend
KobenzPhoto Credit: Kobenz

Goth rap has a new artist, and his name is Kobenz. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, this rising music artist appears to be generating quite a bit of buzz lately.

What started out as a form of therapy involving writing poetry after landing in the hospital due to an abusive relationship turned into a music career. Kobenz has channeled the emotional pain he suffered at the hands of a mentally ill partner into the therapeutic outlet of music. It seems that his unique musical and lyrical styling have resonated with people, thanks to him enjoying tens of thousands of plays for the three songs he has released so far.

Part of the success of Kobenz is that he has two major record label deals, one from TRASH-GANG and another from Blanco y Negro. He has also become involved with celebrity collaborations with Carolesdaughter, Lil’ Tracy, Katy Rose, and Kim Bullard. His music was also featured on the biggest radio station in Minnesota, 93X (KXXR).

These collaborations and record deals have spurred impressive growth for Kobenz, yet he is still banking on an even more meteoric rise. Kobenz has been compared to well-known music artists like Kurt Cobain and Lil’ Peep, which he has remarked is an honor for him to hear.

One thing Kobenz is looking to change with his increasing notoriety is where his name appears in search results. It just so happens that there is a small Austrian city with the same name as his artist name. The constant battle between him taking the top results and the city doing so is something he sees going away as he gains greater prominence for his music.

Kobenz has expressed that he is hoping to shed light on the dangers of mental illness, especially to those who are involved in relationships with people suffering from them. From what he has shared with his audience, he knows firsthand just how challenging and devastating it can be for mental health to be on the receiving end of an abusive relationship. He feels that his past challenges are what led to him creating music that has resonated with people who listen to it and have been in similar situations as he has. Kobenz can see the silver lining of the abuse he had to undergo and looks to find the opportunity in every struggle.

Looking ahead, Kobenz has releases that are slated to be debuting through Visualatelier8, The Hype Mag, and HypeFresh. He believes 2021 is going to be his major breakout year. While part of 2020 was still mired by a toxic relationship he was in before getting into music, he is making sure that all of 2021 will be about taking his music career to the next level.

You can find more information about Kobenz and music by going to his website. You can also follow him on Instagram @goth.sin.