An Exclusive Interview With Leading Entrepreneur Kamil Misztal

Written in partnership with DN News Desk


Your path in life is dependent on what you want to achieve. Born in Poland, Kamil Misztal relocated to the USA with his family at the age of eight. Despite having a tough childhood, Misztal was not and still isn’t afraid to take risks. At the tender age of 13, he was already working at a grocery store and car retail shop.

He started to grow a name for himself in the industry, and at 17, he owned a retail shop, which he later sold at 18 and bought trucks. At this stage, he even had employed drivers in his truck company. At 27, he sold his truck company and opened an exotic car rental company. He is proof that you should never be afraid of taking risks or starting something new. All it takes is passion and determination. Misztal did not let the fact that they were immigrants hold him down. Instead, it pushed him to yearn for success even more.

Today, Misztal owns a THC/CBD brand in Chicago. He is also in bitcoin, which he describes as a great way to make smart long-term investments. According to Misztal, your age is an advantage. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are when you begin.

Surrounding yourself with successful people will help you grow and at the same time learn from them. He has met many people through his businesses, which led him to his now THC/CBD brand with his partner and influencers.

Misztal also stresses the importance of consistency and filtering out people’s opinions of you, especially those that don’t help you grow as a person and an entrepreneur. Mistakes are there to be made but what’s important are the lessons we learn from the mistakes. When you are passionate enough about something, you should be willing and ready to make sacrifices. For Misztal, his energy towards building his brand has earned him a top spot in the industry.

Misztal tries not to get too focused on the money but instead on creating quality and satisfactory products for his customers. His main focus is growing his brand, which will focus on special collaborations with influencers.

His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to lean on what you currently know and your strengths until you gain the knowledge and experience. Losses in business should not hold you down, but you should instead focus on finding their root cause and eliminating it. This is one thing that has helped Kamil Misztal stand out and grow his brand. He knows what he wants for his business, and he is determined to attain his goals at all times.