Young Talent Dennis Schwager Is Making A Profound Difference In The Entrepreneurial World With His Shisha Business

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Dennis SchwagerPhoto Credit: Dennis SchwagerGermany based entrepreneur Dennis Schwager spills the beans on his day to day work life and how he has been enjoying the public attention as a content creator.

It takes a lot of courage and grit for people to listen to what their heart wants and make the efforts necessary to achieve the success they desire. A few years ago, people feared taking the first step in unusual business industries like hookah and shisha. However, the surge in its growth proves how people love the modern vibes of living a lifestyle of their choice and choose to enjoy it to the fullest. Many new entrepreneurs have emerged in the industry and they are motivated to do something bigger and better as entrepreneurs in this niche. Dennis Schwager is one such young talent from Ulm, Germany who has pushed the limits and become an entrepreneur and a popular content creator in the hookah niche.

The under 30 successful entrepreneur owns a flourishing brand in Germany named Shisha Cloud, which offers the industry-best shisha products. Dennis Schwager saw hookah as his realm and dreamt of doing something in the shisha sector from a very early age. Seeing the surge in the growth of social media platforms, he believed he could reach more people through the hookah content he created on his YouTube channel, ‘Shisha Stabil’ which he has had since the year 2013 with a friend of his.

He got great acclaim and appreciation as a content creator, garnering thousands of followers and subscribers on YouTube and Instagram. This motivated him to turn into an entrepreneur and start his brand Shisha Cloud. Today, he talks about his day-to-day work life and what activities he enjoys doing.

Dennis’s company has 30 passionate employees already, and though he does delegate tasks, he highlights that he is still at the forefront of all work activities of his company, including unloading containers, sorting goods, and advising and selling in the store in Ulm.  Also, he points out that running a company with so many employees is not all about having fun; it takes a lot of hard work as well and asserts that he has still not lost the fun in the hookah field. What he enjoys the most is getting into his R8 in the evenings and putting the pedal to the metal.

Talking about the public attention he gets as a content creator, Dennis Schwager says that he’s pretty relaxed and also posts glimpses of his private life on his private profile (@nednis_atInstagram). Overall he enjoys the attention and is aware of how people immediately stare when he drives down with his expensive sports car.

Dennis Schwager has indeed created his unique legacy in the hookah sector. Learn more about this incredible talent and his company through his Instagrams @nednis_ and @shishacloud_official.