Redefining Positivity With Affirming Home Décor: How Elitist Hopes To Bring Positivity To Every Space

Written in partnership with DN News DeskElitistPhoto Credit: ElitistPositivity is a state of mind; and as far as home décor brand Elitist goes, it’s also the state of your wall. Their neon signs, which light up a flurry of positive messages, are issuing a new statement in home interiors. While you may turn to funny memes and binge-watch episodes of The Office to fight the anxiety that creeps up on you every time you read the news, there’s only so much your eyes can take. However, when your wall becomes your bestie that always knows what to say, you begin to appreciate what Elitist is trying to accomplish. With an aim to redefine home décor, Elitist hopes to bring positivity to your living space.

The pandemic and its clingy companion, the lockdown, are yet to turn from scabs to scars to distant memories. Until then, we need some positive soup for our souls. Now imagine watching your wall light up and come alive to convey to you, personally, something like “You Got This” or “Don’t Quit” or “Good Vibes Only” or something similar, wouldn’t you just brighten up, straighten your back, pull up your socks, and arm yourself with the mindset that’s required to stay unfazed by whatever madness the day might find itself a witness to?

For Elitist founder, Mike Pashayan, that’s exactly what you will do. He says, “There’s never been a time in history when humanity did not need a dose of positivity to carry on with the will to survive. Positivity is the resulting state of mind when chemicals that are responsible for our well-being are at an all-time high. They improve confidence, imbue in us a sense of worth, and prepare us for sneak attacks that are embedded in collective confusion and anxiety. At Elitist, we set out to redefine home décor in a bid to use our immediate spaces as positivity dispensers, so to speak. Lit up with neon and written in the stylistic language of the current times, we are sure the message they carry will hit home.”

Home is where the energy is, and if that energy is positive, motivating, encouraging, and full of hope, then that’s exactly the vibe a home will exude. And that is just what Elitist hopes to accomplish with their creative neon signs and canvas artworks.