Rachid El Khabbachi’s Journey To Success In The Business World

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Rachid El KhabbachiPhoto Credit: Rachid El KhabbachiWhat motivates you? A pep talk, an appreciation, passion, hunger for success, or a success story? Even if you have never thought of this before, you must be realizing now that success stories play a significant role in motivating an individual and making you believe in yourself. If somebody else can do it, then why can’t you? That is the question that takes one from rags to riches.

Wandering the streets of Mauritania with an empty stomach and watching luxurious cars pass by, young Rachid El Khabbachi today known as JM, asked himself that if they could ride such lavish cars, why couldn’t he? If they could wake up to rich breakfasts then, why couldn’t he and his family? That developed a hunger for success in him. His hard times became his motivating factor, and with a dream of giving his family the best lifestyle, he took a chance at every opportunity that came his way.

After moving to Germany, he discovered street fighting as an occupation and, in no time, became one of the leading self-trained street fighters. Later, he took a chance at combat sports and got rewarded with being known as one of the biggest talents in Europe. He was determined to win at any cost.

Making use of his street smartness and above-average intelligence, Rachid initiated a real estate business and flourished at it by gathering tips and techniques implemented at real estate offices. Constantly, thinking of ways in which he could multiply money, Khabbachi further invested in buying shares in multiple companies,

Today, Rachid El Khabbachi takes care of a real estate business, along with owning multiple shares of different companies. Buying and selling gold and diamonds is his side business and, all of this combined has earned him the lifestyle he flaunts today on social media.

Thousands of people know JM for his inspirational story and passion for success through his lifestyle blog that he manages on Instagram.