Peter Triantos Talks About His Journey to Success

Written in partnership with Mogul News DeskPeter TriantosPhoto Credit: Peter TriantosWhen Peter Triantos was only sixteen years old, he understood that there was no way that he could proceed in his current daily existence for the remainder of his life. He realized he had to clear his own way, and that was exactly what he did once he graduated from school. At the age of 21, Peter purchased a chicken flame broil bar, which he eventually turned into five additional stores.

Being raised in a monetarily humble family, Peter realized he needed to develop his business without any preparation. After opening and expanding his chicken flame broil bar business, Peter Triantos chose to move into food fabricating, and put $3,000,000 into the framework to stir up the fixing sauce space!

When 8Food started, the big names in the market were not ready for that sort of competition, the amount of traction that Peter’s new venture was gaining threatened them. This led to a price war that tested Triantos’ financial strength and left him in a mess causing him to lose his family home. This still did not stop Peter from bouncing back, he managed to hold onto his business, change his tactics, and started servicing stores directly rather than engaging with distributors. Even throughout these stressful times, Peter managed to hold on to his business, he knew that the only way out was through. Once 8Food picked up again, they established their own distribution firm. Both companies now have a turnover of $35 million and a growth rate of twenty-five percent.

When asked about the habits he attributes his success to, Peter admitted that his never-give-up attitude is what has pushed him to consistently work hard. He says that his relentless mindset, that was ready to do whatever it took to become his own boss, is the reason he has been able to achieve all that he has. He believes that competitive people make the world go round and by staying competitive, one sets themselves new goals!