Not Even A Lockdown Could Stop Millennial Entrepreneur Bailey Knight From Earning Seven Figures

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Bailey KnightPhoto Credit: Bailey KnightLockdowns have been really tough on a lot of people, especially businesses that rely on physical storefronts. In fact, an alarming number of businesses have shuttered throughout 2020. With people unable to go shopping in the traditional way they have become accustomed to; online shopping has been booming. The world of e-commerce has seen enormous profits this year, some of which Bailey has managed to get his hands on.

Bailey’s rise to the success he enjoys today really took off while he was still working a regular job. He met a man named Jay, who was enjoying success as an entrepreneur online. Being excited at the potential for himself doing something similar, Bailey ended up becoming friends with Jay and even working with him to develop a joint business that ended up growing incredibly fast.

Establishing his dropshipping business was something he was doing during his breaks while working, as well as working well into the night, including weekends and early mornings. All of his hard work paid off in the end because Bailey has pulled in a massive £1M+ revenue since lockdown.

To achieve this level of success, and in an industry that has already had plenty of competition, Bailey had to do things differently. To gain an edge, he learned all about branding and digital marketing. This ensured that he would capture peoples’ attention and generate more leads and sales. It worked, and Bailey started seeing a big influx of customers who were buying from his dropshipping business. Pretty soon, it became an avalanche of orders, which was also challenging to keep up with fulfilling.

Bailey KnightPhoto Credit: Bailey KnightNow that Bailey has created a thriving dropshipping business using Shopify, he has been sharing his success story with others, helping motivate them to succeed and achieve the same level of freedom that he himself has. Being his own boss and being able to be location-independent is that sort of freedom Bailey wishes for everyone to have. He has been much more fulfilled and happier ever since seeing all of his hard work pay off.

For other budding entrepreneurs, Bailey recommends staying consistent with your business model. Nothing comes easy, and even the most successful entrepreneurs come across a large number of obstacles. Occasionally, they will even come up against failure. However, the road to success is filled with obstacles and the occasional failure. When you come across obstacles, Bailey recommends keeping grinding away.

Staying motivated is something that comes easily to Bailey, especially the more freedom and success he achieves. As challenging as this year has been, some people like Bailey have been thriving. His story is one that can inspire you to pivot as he did and enjoy extraordinary success.

Bailey enjoys inspiring other would-be entrepreneurs and offers some motivational content online. If you want to become inspired by this successful entrepreneur, then you can follow Bailey on his Instagram page and keep up with the latest from him.