Multi-Millionaire & Top Business Coach Michael Barayev Talks About Increasing Sales & Building Scalable Profitable Businesses

Written in partnership with DN News DeskMichael BarayevPhoto Credit: Michael BarayevThe new normal is a beast that’s yet to be identified. Whether you are a coach, a business owner, a manager, or a sales rep, you are aware of the fact that the world we live in today has taken an incredible digital shift. As the new year begins, starting with the right mindset and knowledge and expanding your capacity to learn is what’s going to determine your ultimate success. Now is the time to refine your business skills and build more relationships, especially if you are a sales executive or business owner. If you are in the people business, you are in sales by default. According to top business coach Michael Barayev, these are the four effective sales techniques you must master in 2021.

Adapt To Virtual Life

The pandemic gave us the luxury of working from home. Most of the world felt grateful for the internet, social media, and different online platforms to help them deal, manage and become efficient in running their business. The majority of zoom calls, business meetings, and gatherings are all virtual. Michael says, “Buyers are online now more than ever. Now, it’s your turn to become creative with ways to interact with people and draw them in through compelling content strategies. Dive into the virtual world, and harness the power of social media. Engage with potential customers, make more connections, and foster meaningful relationships online. The more relationships you build, the higher your chances are for more sales from your warm market. This is the way forward.”

Become A Better Communicator

The world we live in is like a stage and the best speakers are the ones who master the art of communicating. According to Michael, “Communication has always been the key that opens doors and makes exchanges possible. Learning how to effectively connect and build solid relationships with others is the ultimate way to increase your sales”.

Have Integrity

Authenticity lays the groundwork for all of your engagements. It creates a sense of trust with your prospects and customers. Trust is at an all-time low in the marketplace, so you need to be authentic and transparent with your audience. According to Michael, “Being authentic has never been more practical. Consumers are now calling out the ‘fake gurus’ or those who falsely claim to be experts. Your reputation in the marketplace is everything, so you must be transparent from the get-go with your audience.”

Create Consistent Discipline

“Discipline is a word that many people tend to shy away from. However, it is a skill and mental state that one must master in order to create consistent results. Oftentimes, when we don’t ‘feel’ like doing something, that may be the exact thing your business needs in order to thrive. Take action based on your ultimate desired end results, not on how you ‘feel’ that day. It’s not about your feelings. It’s about taking the necessary steps to achieve your goal, however pleasant or unpleasant it may feel. How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

Having generated millions of dollars in business, training hundreds of sales agents, and working with top Fortune 100 companies, Barayev’s insights are essential to all entrepreneurs looking to increase their sales and build scalable profitable businesses.