Meet Dr. Ali AlSaqoby: A Multi-talented Influential Kuwaiti Star, Living An Accomplished Lifestyle As A Top Athlete, Dentist, And Influencer

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Dr. Ali AlSaqobyPhoto Credit: Dr. Ali AlSaqobyDr. Ali AlSaqoby’s mission to inspire people worldwide is an ongoing success. Through his social media, he is inspiring millions to carve their own paths of success and go full force towards their goals and dreams. His lifestyle of being a renowned dentist, world-class soccer freestyle player, Kuwait soccer freestyle president, entrepreneur, author, and top lifestyle influencer to name a few, have proven that nothing is impossible. With his active multifaceted inspiring lifestyle and incredible story, he amassed the love and admiration of thousands of fans, and made pursuing healthcare professions more appealing to those who feared they wouldn’t have time to do anything besides work and study!

The perfect combination of top-notch talents and beauty

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby, an iconic name, has talent and dominance in several and diverse fields. He is also widely known on social media as the ‘hot dentist’ with millions of impressions and hundreds of thousands of comments on his personal Instagram’s posts showering praises for this young accomplished dentist’s gorgeous looks! His flawless hairstyle, beautiful facial structure, height, and athletic body would easily land him a fantastic career in the modeling world. Ironically, he made it clear that he is NOT a model in his Instagram bio.Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Photo Credit: Dr. Ali AlSaqobyBeyond being one of the most handsome dentists, there is a tremendous depth of hard work, resilience, talent, determination, courage, and desire. Being born in Kuwait to a well-established and affluent family could have easily led him into the trap of depending on his family for everything! It is very tempting to settle for the luxury of comfort rather than exerting the effort to achieve your goals and create a meaningful life. Dr Ali AlSaqoby Photo Credit: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Needless to say, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby completely disregarded this option and decided to start from scratch in every aspect he embarks on and to make a name for himself in various fields. His world-class accomplishments were not overlooked by the local and international press leading to features in esteemed publications.

Had exceptional talent as a student and an athlete since a young age

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby has had his top-notch time management capabilities and ability to balance various paths within him since a very young age. He mastered being able to balance between his academic learning as a student and training as a soccer player which earned him extraordinary praises both from his coaches and his teachers. As a result, he qualified for a prestigious fully-supported scholarship from the government, as his academic scores topped the charts in the country.

The inspirational story of being a dental scholarship student and an international soccer freestyle star

He studied abroad in one of England’s top universities as a scholarship student where he juggled between being an international soccer freestyle star and being an accomplished dental student. After his challenging journey, he received degrees in Masters of dental surgery, Bachelors of dental surgery and Bachelors of Science, with the prestigious title of ‘second-most talented dental student’ across the entire United Kingdom.

While many would find getting accepted to dental school very challenging, let alone passing through it, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby went far beyond that. He attained awards while maintaining his passion and position as a renowned soccer freestyle player. He is a highly demanded elite athlete and he was making time to travel the world performing world-class professional shows even during his studies. No one could pass by him without taking a picture or capturing his soccer skills.Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Photo Credit: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby One of the most prominent events the young star has performed in was in EXPO Milan, his performing spot was the talks of many media outlets and a magnet to everyone that laid foot inside the event. Journalists were competing to secure an interview with him and they labeled him the EXPO Milan star and he was awarded by the head of the delegation as one of the ‘most influential characters of the event.’

A highly sought after dentist who contributes to society

Today, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is still a highly sought-after dentist that performs the role of not only educating his community and performing optimal treatment on his patients but also instructing newly graduated dentists and dental students to help them reach their full potential. In addition to his experience, he has a sharp eye for aesthetics when it comes to botox and fillers making him an all-around highly competent dentist.

The Kuwait official soccer freestyle president that is revolutionizing the sport

Despite his very busy lifestyle, his path as a soccer freestyle pioneer has not taken a pause and is better than ever! He was appointed the soccer freestyle president in Kuwait by the official world federation. In late 2019 he managed to organize and judge a world-known Redbull street style world championship qualifier. The successful event was the talk of the news and a champion was picked to represent Kuwait in the world finals held in the US.Dr. Ali AlSaqobyPhoto Credit: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby More national championships were organized by Dr. Ali AlSaqoby during the pandemic that abided with Covid-19 restrictions. The players were protected and yet kept motivated to practice hard and spread the sport further. As a result of the tremendous success of the events, the media has labeled the championships both inspiring and motivating.

His passion for this sport inspired him to utilize his talents as a book author علي الصقعبي. His top-notch experience of close to two decades helped him write a book about soccer freestyle that is coming out soon according to many sources. There will also be a section relating soccer to entrepreneurship. As a person with an outstanding business background and being labeled as an ‘entrepreneur to watch in 2021’ by international business times, this book will be a gem from a multifaceted expert.