Lennart Krech Talks About The Obstacles He Faced And How He Overcame Them

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Lennart KrechPhoto Credit: Lennart KrechLennart Krech, a young entrepreneur of German origin, talks about his hurdles and the work he had to put in to overcome them.

Lennart Krech, a young and successful entrepreneur originating from Germany, had to take the long and hard road to find success. After going through years of struggling while starting his own social media agency, during high school, Lennart did not lose hope and continued to stay motivated.

He was aware of the fact that a bigger picture awaited him because he knew; one day he would be the owner of his very own business. In addition to unfaltering energy and constant hard work, it took years in the making, but Lennart has finally fulfilled his dream of having his own brand and is now a proud owner of two successful businesses; LPA Media LLP and IG Elites.

“Missing support from other people and feeling lonely at the beginning – before even seeing any return on what I was doing and failing my first business (a marketing agency, I was going to gyms, trying to pitch them marketing products,” says Lennart.

Finding success is not easy. The road is paved with obstacles and overcoming them is the only way to fulfilling your dreams. Lennart, on the other hand, belongs to a different class. He never gave up and tackled everything that came his way head-on.

“Becoming a better person every day, standing strong for what I believe in even if it means standing alone,” shares Lennart.

After struggling in his first venture, Lennart knew exactly what he had to avoid when he decided to start his second business. With over 3.1 million followers on Instagram, IG Elites is the largest Social Media Education Platform in the world.

Under the banner of IG Elites, Lennart owns 17 brands. His marketing agency, LPA Media LLP, confidently helps brands and celebrities alike in building their brand image.

“Re-investing our money to make more attention. We started to scale quickly, and without exaggeration, I can say that especially in our beginning phase we invested around 80% of our money to get better known, buy more accounts and run more advertising in our industry. Again, our dogma is for us and our clients: Money follows attention,” says Lennart.

It would be a fair statement to say that Lennart has tasted success quite well in his fairly young entrepreneurial career which is quite remarkable, at such a young age.