An Artist In The Aesthetic Industry – Elizabeth Sommers

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Elizabeth SommersPhoto Credit: Elizabeth SommersEvery injector is an artist with a specific set of skills and an eye for the arts that distinguish them. It’s a great craft, similar to magic, to enhance someone’s beauty, skin, and other aspects. However, you would need someone you can resonate with. The rapport of mutual understanding and taste for art should be apparent. With over 12 years of experience and reputable status as an aesthetic injector trainer, Elizabeth Sommers stands as an exemplary practitioner in the industry.

The highly skilled beauty nurse drives her inspiration from the arts. Her tools and equipment are part of her artistic tools as she would begin her mesmeric craft. Each client is a magnificent canvas for her, and it’s her duty to make them illustrious. That’s where her finesse in providing beauty strokes through micro-needling, fillers, and injections comes into play.

The compassionate beauty medic believes in restoring the former beauty of the person. Her admiration to tweak and boost the pre-existing beauty and features is what makes her thrive. She isn’t the one to oversell her treatments just to achieve profits. Her care for the clients is what brings customized and personalized treatment options to the table.

Each method of injection and the array of treatments is hand-crafted to meet your individual requirements. By the end of it all, there will be a masterful stroke of enhancement to finalize the skin’s rejuvenation.

Looking Into The Pallet

It’s natural to question what kind of instruments the talented aesthetician might use to achieve flawless results. Her collection includes Botox, Dysport, Jeveau, Sculptra, RHA, and Restylane. Revance is also a rare filler she received the authentication to use.

Furthermore, she employs the use of micro-needling for fine lines or wrinkles. Finally, as a final touch, she has IPL, C02 laser dot, and LaseMd that work as a complementary part of her skills.

This expertise enables her to carve her client’s face or body in a perfect balance of the composition. The artistic beauty nurse can eliminate any problem from fine lines, wrinkles, and pores to hydration of lips, cheeks, and more.

Elizabeth Sommers possesses over 17 years of experience in the medical field. Her various exploits have led her to accumulate such a compelling set of skills. Today, people from multiple areas, including artificial cosmetic enhancements, wants to hire her prowess to deliver brilliant results.