How 7-Figure Earner James Parry Became A Successful Dropshipper

Written in partnership with Ascend

James ParryPhoto Credit: James ParryDropshipping has become the trendy way to approach e-commerce. There are some significant advantages of dropshipping, such as not needing to hold any physical inventory yourself, which allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world. It’s no wonder why this e-commerce business model has become very popular in recent years. James Parry is someone who has figured out the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur. He shares that while he has achieved incredible success today, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

James put in a lot of hours into establishing his dropshipping stores. However, his heart was fully in making it work, which is why he never once thought about giving up. Even when there were the inevitable obstacles and setbacks, he pushed forward and overcame them.

In business, there will be things that occasionally go wrong. Unlike Jay, most people give up because they think it’s too hard. They don’t believe anything will work. However, this is a costly mistake to make because success is right on the other side of challenges and discomfort. Jay was passionate about dropshipping and being his own boss, so he persisted throughout everything.

Eventually, Jay’s success allowed him to get things like a Lamborghini Huracan, Audi R8, and Range Rover. Once he had his needs met and some high-ticket dream items, he looked to how he could give back. Jay started making YouTube videos in order to help others like him who wanted to get started with dropshipping.

James ParryPhoto Credit: James ParryWhen Jay was first starting out, there wasn’t anyone there to help him, nor were there that many YouTube videos about how to be a successful dropshipper. Those that did exist barely scratched the surface. That’s what compelled him to begin making videos himself so that he could be the person he wishes was there for him at the beginning of his journey.

It turned out, there was a deep thirst for what Jay was dishing out. He started growing a following on YouTube and was receiving messages daily, asking for his help and advice on either starting, growing, or scaling stores.

This high degree of interest in learning how to become a successful dropshipper led Jay to become a mentor for others. To date, he has helped over 100 entrepreneurs succeed with their dropshipping efforts. Some of them have even gone to rake in six figures annually, while his good friend Bailey has made an impressive seven figures in revenue since lockdown began. These success stories are very fulfilling for Jay, who plans to keep helping other aspiring entrepreneurs become successful as he has.

Looking forward, Jay is considering making videos again. He would love to establish something more structured that could help aspiring entrepreneurs get started on the path of e-commerce success via dropshipping.

To keep up with the latest from Jay, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page @Jaye.