“Uninterrupted” Private Art Show By Jonlouis Gonzalez Resulted In A Sold-Out Exhibition

Jonlouis Gonzalez & Yezenia GarciaPhoto Credit: @worldredeyeArtist Jonlouis Gonzalez and Victor Llaguno Gallery Director at ReEnvision Art Gallery partnered to create a private multi-curated experience of fine art, space exploration, and cuisine. Featuring Astronaut Nicole Stott in support of The Space for Art Foundation.

This exhibition titled “Uninterrupted” was created as a challenge against the canceling of Art Basel 2020. Although it was devastating news for the art world as a whole, Jonlouis and his team took this as an opportunity to highlight the importance of local art and Galleries. While the fairs bring on millions of international artists and speculators; creating a small scale personal event where everyone had a moment to engage with the art and the artist on a one-to-one basis created an impact that large scale events often lack. Leaving room for building a genuine connection with the art, and the people who create it. In hopes of stimulating the cultural economy year-round in Miami as opposed to once a year.

Jonlouis GonzalezPhoto Credit: @worldredeyeThe exhibition exposed 8 original paintings and two bronze sculptures released that night by Jonlouis. These special pieces were displayed along with master artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Roy Lichtenstein.

35 exclusive collectors and guests gathered to experience the evening, amongst them were Design Connoisseur Monica Suleski CEO of Eclectic Elements, Jonathan Blue Chairman and Managing Director of Blue Equity, Bill Hampton Vice President at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as well as BB Bengochea Real Estate Advisor and Best-Selling Multi-Author. The evening was nothing short of a networking event. The specially curated 3-course Dinner was provided by Kuba Cabana featuring a Latin American contemporary flare. Shortly after, Astronaut Nicole Stott was introduced as the night’s Special Virtual Speaker. Sharing insight into her multiple Space Flights and The Space for Art Foundation– which focuses on large-scale space-themed art projects that unite a planetary community of children through the inspiration of space exploration and the healing power of art. This was the main focus of the event.

Jonlouis GonzalezPhoto Credit: @worldredeye The evening resulted in a sold-out show and a true testament; you can’t cancel art. All 10 pieces were added to a private collection by the end of the night. Even through a pandemic, people need to remain inspired, connect, and make a difference for those most in need– art is the most important component. Igniting hope and faith when humanity needs it the most.

Exhibition Statement:

The collection is representative of a crucial moment in history. Defining social standards and continuing to move forward. As the physical world comes to an abrupt stop; the mind and soul continue to wonder and grow through any experience.

Art is everywhere, immersive and inescapable, engaging people in their lives day-to-day under any circumstance. Art brings people together physically, but most importantly emotionally through its capacity to tell a shared story, to inspire, and form bonds that transcend differences in order to connect and strengthen communities.

Art cannot stop, nor be stopped. It is a crucial component to record history and tell the people’s story in the rawest and organic way translating emotion and meaning; in the most human form. To be human is to connect, to interact, to feel, to be inspired, and to create without any interruptions.

Jonlouis Gonzalez, Victor LlagunoPhoto Credit: @worldredeyeWritten by Yezenia Garcia.