Successful Instagram Expert Nathan Johnson Explains How To Unlock Success As An Entrepreneur

Nathan JohnsonPhoto Credit: Nathan Johnson

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20-year-old Instagram entrepreneur Nathan Johnson knows what success looks like. He’s achieved it through developing multiple themed pages on Instagram that regularly bring him advertising income. When he was just 13 years old, he learned the power of social media and soon started leveraging the potential it held to his tremendous advantage.

Given how early on Nathan achieved entrepreneurial success, he can be a role model for other aspiring entrepreneurs in their teens and 20s. After all, it was relatively easy for him. He simply needed to learn the strategies that result in high levels of engagement. Once that is done, the rest becomes easy. As a page grows, so do the moneymaking opportunities.

Recently, Nathan shared what it takes to unlock even more remarkable success once you have taken the big step of starting an online business using social media. He sums it up in just one word: scaling. To grow your business and bring in more revenue, Nathan highly recommends scaling your business.

How do you scale a social media business successfully? After all, it can be very tempting to blow all your money as soon as you receive your newfound riches. Nathan’s sage advice is to live below your means. However, this doesn’t mean hoard all of your money in a low-interest bank account. Instead, he recommends reinvesting as much as possible back into your business.

Nathan JohnsonPhoto Credit: Nathan Johnson

Yes, he struggles with this, just as most people do. However, he still continues to reinvest over half of what he is earning, putting it directly back into social media. This 50% doesn’t include his stock market or real estate investments. It is all coming directly from what he makes on social media.

Given his success thus far, Nathan has his eyes on achieving even more success. He is now planning on developing a following that is so massive that his pages will become capable of fulfilling six-figure ad campaigns for major corporations on their own. That is a bold vision, but Nathan has proven that he can achieve extraordinary success.

Over the years on his entrepreneurial journey, Nathan learned never to become too comfortable. That is because growth stops once you do. He likes to view being an entrepreneur as akin to being a shark. Like a shark, if you stop moving, you die. The same applies to entrepreneurs, albeit less dramatically. Nathan acknowledges this is an intense comparison to make. However, he has found it to be true, time, and time again.

He recommends never becoming too comfortable only making a certain amount a month or year. Always strive for more. He wants to stress that it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy with what you have. However, it does mean you can strive for more while being grateful for what you already achieved. Be satisfied with where you are on your journey to greater success, but always keep pushing forward.