Miami’s Top Personal Branding Expert And Business Strategist Chris Diaz Shares How To Become A Leading Authority In 2021

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Chris DiazPhoto Credit: Chris DiazBuilding a personal brand isn’t all about social media followers or digital subscribers. In truth, it’s about having the ability to communicate your message and position yourself as the expert in your industry so that you will create enough trust and build instant connections with your audience in a unique way that will allow you deepen your influence, build stronger relationships, and generate ready to buy clients. Now, how can one do that you may ask? Positioning. Becoming a leading authority is what will fuel your business growth and bring forth endless opportunities.

Establish yourself purpose

“Think about your expertise, something you excel at,” said Diaz. “What can you do better than industry leaders and what’s your competitive advantage?” What skills do you have? What credentials? What are your gifts? How can you add more value and differentiate yourself in the marketplace?” According to Diaz, the internet is full of other people claiming to be experts in your field. Defining a clear purpose and mission is how you separate yourself from the pack.

Clearly define your message

How do you plan to serve others? Focus on building enough value on your product or service that you warm up your audience enough to make it easy in making a purchasing decision or working with you. Once you clearly define your value proposition and offer then you can come up with a content strategy,” said Diaz. Remember, you get paid in direct proportion to the value you add to the marketplace.

Chris DiazPhoto Credit: Chris DiazDevelop a content strategy

“A content strategy is one of the main things used to promote your brand and grow it into a leading authority,” said Diaz. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders, you can further deepen your influence, and expand your reach. “Your strategy should involve posting magnetic content that attracts your ideal client or audience. Building your authority involves demonstrating your expertise through the creation of impactful content that has clear takeaways for your audience. By educating your target audience, you boost your credibility as a leading authority in your industry.”

According to Diaz, a great way to build traffic to your site and become a leading brand is by guest posting on other popular sites. “Write great content for other leading blogs, and include links back to your site,” said Diaz. “Analytics tools will show you that this is a great way to increase the amount of traffic to your page. Which, of course, will grow your presence as a brand authority.”

Be relatable. Diaz says that you should always present yourself as authentically as possible. The trust factor is at an all-time low in the marketplace. When he is helping a client grow their account and digital presence, he recommends that they do not adopt a fake persona for the web. “That’s the beauty of a magnetic personal brand that attracts and builds real relationships online,” said Diaz. “A personal brand should have a personality. People like to follow people they can relate to. They do business with those they know like and trust.” According to Diaz, this will help you curate an extensive digital network and fuel your business growth.

According to Diaz, whether you are an expert, an entrepreneur, thought leader, executive, consultant, coach, aspiring public figure, personal branding will help you increase your credibility, create stronger relationships and grow your business.