Landon Bonneville Knows Multiple Passions Can Bring The Needed Balance

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Landon BonnevillePhoto Credit: Landon BonnevilleYou might know him as a rising baseball star with multiple appearances in Team-USA. He might be a young talent for you at 17 years of age. But Landon Bonneville is more than just a future MLB pitcher, he also shares another passion off the field.

The baseball player surely knows how to get things grooving. You could see it when he was doing some shadow appearances around pop sensation Bastille’s sound engineer. Not many of you might know, but our young baseball pitcher & catcher from Western Branch Thunder is an audiophile and plans on practicing his soundboard and baseball in sync. That’s right! He doesn’t have one but two passions!

Is It Another Passion VS. Obligation?

Well, we can already see from his performance records that Landon is on the rise towards fame. At 17 years of age, he has achieved a lot. You will see him praising his parents and claiming that he wants to put his all into paying them back. In other words, he is a modest teenager who is grateful for the role of his parents in his life and success. We can see him playing World Series one day, with Trevor Bauer as his role model.

On the other hand, he has studied sound engineering and often finds time to give his music some time. An athletic and an artist in a single combination? What else could anyone ask for? Are you looking for some spice? A little ‘torn-up’ young man trying to balance the two and choosing one life? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it seems like Landon Bonneville knows what he is doing.

Landon Bonneville Seems To Have It All Figured Out

He prioritizes his career as a baseball player. After all, that is what has pushed him into fame. More importantly, he is very goal-driven with rigorous routines of the training. If you check out his social media with millions of followers, you will notice that he doesn’t flinch away from the practice.

Simultaneously, he ‘enjoys’ the music. You can see him admiring it but never making it get in his way or his baseball career. Perhaps he realizes that sportsmanship is perfect while he is young. Once he gets older, possibly moving towards retirement, he would be prepared to sweep us all off our feet with his compelling music. That seems like a viable strategy that Landon Bonneville has in place.

But of course, who can overlook his cheery and eccentric nature and the cute smile that can brighten up your day. He is already a walking melody, and we would all like to see him shine in the future.