How An Emmy-Nominated Former TV Reporter Became A Six-Figure Entrepreneur With A Food Blog

Charisse YuPhoto Credit: Charisse Yu

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You may have seen Charisse Yu on TV at some point a decade ago if you watched ABC, CBS, or CNN affiliates back then. After all, she was an Emmy-nominated TV reporter and journalist who was known for her great job of reporting the news. However, you won’t be seeing her return to the airwaves anytime soon. That’s because she has become a full-time mom and blogger.

Her main platforms for sharing all things food-related are Instagram, Pinterest, and her personal blog website. Her delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy have become a big hit online. Her Instagram boasts nearly 400K followers, while her Pinterest boards receive over a million monthly viewers. Her blog has also become increasingly popular, especially since the pandemic hit.

The pandemic was actually what helped help become an even more successful blogger and stay-at-home mother. She felt that her two boys needed her now more than ever. Thankfully, she comes from a long line of cooks and had plenty of recipes passed down from them to work with. Using her journalism skills, she crafts well-written articles on food recipes, self-care tips, travel, and other lifestyle content.

She’s enjoyed a tremendous amount of success as a blogger, thanks to her writing skills, creative ideas, and social media. She is now able to make six figures a year through affiliate marketing and her massive fanbase that is closing in on half a million people. Charisse is a true entrepreneur and shows no signs of stopping.

Charisse YuPhoto Credit: Charisse Yu

She’s almost like the Energizer bunny, because she keeps going and going, accomplishing more and more. Not only is she living at home to take care of two kids, creating content regularly for her enormous audience, but she is also in the field of healthcare education. What this means is that when she’s not cooking, she’s running a vocational medical school. Nobody can criticize Charisse for being lazy, that’s for sure. There must be something in her Loaded Cauliflower Mash that gives her so much energy to accomplish all of this.

While the pandemic has been challenging for many out there, Charisse has found a way to adapt to the new circumstances facing society. Working from home has been a major win-win for her. Not only does she get to spend time with her kids, but she is also making a major difference in the lives of countless others.

Charisse’s story is an inspiring one, and one that will hopefully inspire you to re-evaluate your life to see if there is any way you can follow your passions and get paid well doing so. This six-figure entrepreneur started out with a vision and a bit of focused determination to succeed.

Head over to her Instagram page and Pinterest page, as well as her blog, to get a whole lot more inspiration for your meals and life.