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HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSIt has been my experience that some problems require an entirely different approach than others. At HealthGAINS, we approach patient care in an exponential, not linear manner; so, what does that mean, exactly? When you think exponentially, you’re no longer treating symptom after symptom. Instead, you identify the root cause of the problem to focus all of your efforts there.

Chronic illness is the nation’s most important underlying health crisis. A fact that is only exacerbated as the American population continues to age. That’s why, instead of looking for piecemeal solutions, we’ve developed comprehensive treatment methodologies, therapies, and technologies. This one decision has allowed us to set ourselves apart by offering patients safe, effective therapies that seek to address not only the symptoms of an illness but the root cause of them.

When new patients find their way to our offices, many find it difficult to express exactly what has been bothering them or had caused them to seek out treatment. They struggle with vagueness because, for many, the symptoms have built up over months, weeks, or even years before they decided to seek treatment. And although reductive, these men and women tend to describe these with vague statements like:

• I don’t have the energy I used to/I always feel run down
• I’m not sleeping very well
• I feel kind of blah all the time
• I hate that I’m always getting sick
• I wish I was in better shape

I’m sure you can see the problem with trying to provide care based upon these statements. This is one of the reasons why we always perform extensive diagnostic tests and analyze the results collaboratively amongst our medical team on every patient’s care; before, during, and after treatment.

When someone comes in and says “I always feel run-down” it could be anything or any combination of things that is causing this person to feel that way. And much like no two people experience life the same way, so too are patients different from one another in terms of care and treatment. For John Doe, the key to unlocking dormant energy reserves might be the fine-tuning of his testosterone or hormone levels. For Jane Doe, the answer may lie in the optimization of her system using a personalized peptide cocktail built just for her.

The key here is to provide patients with solutions to their problems, not everyone else’s. If someone wants to get in better shape, that could mean any number of things, which may require a wide variety of treatments or services to accomplish. Conversely, what if the person is already in relatively good shape but wants to be in great shape…great shape into phenomenal? Would just one or two therapies or prescriptions do the trick?

The answer, of course, is it depends.
…a lot.
On you.

If you were to build your dream home today, you would undoubtedly discover that sometimes you need a door and sometimes you need a pipe. For most, working with an expert like a general contractor that can identify and understand your needs, then take that knowledge and turn it into something actionable and real. In terms of your health, building a better you requires not only knowledge and expertise, it requires working with a team that can look at your health in its entirety to provide you not only a better understanding of your conditions but also the ways in which to treat it.

The result?

HealthGAINSPhoto Credit: HealthGAINSPatients receiving our brand of comprehensive care see vast improvements much sooner than if they had selected another program or chose to tackle these serious health conditions on their own.

For most of our patients, achieving and maintaining a high quality of life is a driving factor for wanting to explore changes to their health and lifestyle. This desire can manifest itself in a variety of ways. For some, feeling better may mean a concentration on improving one’s aesthetic, for others, better health means a strengthened immune system to help fight off disease and illness. Still, others may seek to improve the quality of their bedroom lives including addressing issues with their sexual health or sleep quality.

Every person that I sit down with has their own version of what “better health” means to them, so for our clinic, it was not only essential that we use a precise treatment approach, but also one that factors in all of the nuances that contribute to a person’s overall health. This holistic view is what has empowered us to provide fast, effective care for even some of the most difficult maladies affecting aging patients over the last two decades.

For example, one of the most frequently encountered issues for men is the decline in testosterone levels as they age and andropause (the male version of menopause) begins to set in. Some practitioners may look at a patient suffering from declining testosterone levels and prescribe medication to return these levels to what would generally be considered ‘normal.’

The problem, however, is that as men age, their bodies react differently to testosterone. For some men on TRT, this can manifest itself in a number of ways including increased acne, hair loss as well as sudden swelling and tenderness of the breasts.

Taking testosterone alone may tackle the initial issue, but create several more, which is why we’ve developed a robust system for not only diagnosing and treating these patients but through the work of our dedicated Senior Wellness Concierges, are able to analyze, identify and work with our medical team to make adjustments before side effects become problematic.

This kind of patient-centric, preventative healthcare is a staple of our core values at HealthGAINS. This is why when we talk about the increased use of this exponential care, that we are describing a system comprised entirely of personalized therapies that don’t just include dealing with past and present health issues, it includes personalized roadmaps for success that can help you to realize your success faster and safer than through other, less comprehensive methods.

And that personalized care doesn’t only apply to the exam room.

Affecting change and personal transformation requires a support team in addition to custom programs that focus on improving a patient’s entire quality of life; regardless if the goal is to live longer and healthier, be more productive and present, or improve your health by transforming your immune system, we have a comprehensive solution that will work for you.

At HealthGAINS, we actively choose to employ integrative problem-solving with all our patients. This provides patients with in-depth treatment options that allow for plan adjustments and further customization; one of the pillars to our patient’s continued success over the past couple of decades.

Recognizing there was an opportunity to offer patients lasting change inspired us to begin prescribing comprehensive treatment protocols that incorporate several personalized therapies known for delivering fast, effective outcomes. Simply put, we offer patients a direct and viable path to their goals by providing precision dosing, wellness and success coaching, dynamic support, and plan adjustment that can account for life changes and changing goals as you begin to feel healthier.

As many of us begin to look forward to the New Year and back on 2020 that was, you’ll undoubtedly see many advertisements and commercials purporting to do this or do that fast, but how effective can a one-size-fits-all treatment be to solve your specific issues? Are you getting something that will kind of work because it’s for the issue or will you choose something that has been developed just for you?

It’s so easy for a doctor or clinic to say that they care about your health, but how many are willing to actually put in the effort to prove it.

Regardless if your personal goal is to kick off 2021 by clearing mental fog and improving mental acuity, shedding stubborn fat, having better, more meaningful sex, or tackling acute or chronic pain, our decades of combined medical expertise enable us to offer patients a wide array of unique and personal therapies, all of which can be tailored to fit you and your specific health and fitness goals.

Just like a tailored suit will always feel better than something straight off the rack, we provide our patients with custom solutions every day to solve everyday problems.

Does your doctor do that for you?

If not, give us a call today at (305) 682-1818 to schedule a free consultation or to find out more.