Digital Marketing Expert Ahmed Sobhy Explains Facebook Ad Targeting Tactics

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Ahmed SobhyPhoto Credit: Ahmed SobhyThere are numerous approaches, devices, and agencies that offer a dozen variety of Facebook ad targeting tactics. In order to master your Facebook ad targeting strategies, you must focus on specific aspects that will put you in the driver’s seat.

One must have strong credentials before one can claim to be an ideal source. Hence, all the strategies and facts which have been brought forward to you come from one of the best SEO experts.

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Ahmed Sobhy is a remarkable entrepreneur providing Facebook ad targeting methods that prove immensely successful for his clients. He frequently posts little tricks and tips for his followers as well.

Optimize Facebook Ad Targeting With The Purchasing Behaviour

For a long time now, Facebook has been labeled as an entertaining place for users to spend time and has been criticized by various advertising experts. This is due to the reason that it has very less commercial potential or intent for consumer awareness. This has somewhat changed from the beginning of 2013 that witnessed a partnership being forged between Facebook and data brokers like Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon.

These companies possess access to huge amounts of data trading every single year. The executives of Acxiom have said that their personal database solely comprises information from active consumers of almost 500 million worldwide. This contains 1,500 average data points for each person.

All of a sudden, Facebook possessed much more serious information than just the knowledge of a user’s Candy Crush progress. Intimate, private information including date of marriage, medication, health issues, favorite movie, book, song, and person.

This wealth of information provides immense power in order to move beyond personal CRM databases along with insights garnered from loyalty programs from shopping and matched with an individual profile of users. Facebook ad targeting uses this data for their purpose of segregating and selecting an apt audience.

Purchasing behavior has the subcategories of health and beauty, food and drink, clothing, and others. In each large subcategory, the behavioral pattern can be traced for optimal Facebook ad targeting.

Facebook also reveals the way in which users’ profiles can be targeted based on subcategories.

Use Creative Strategies To Target Life Events

Specific kinds of business enterprises and campaigns depend upon selling key life events and their experiences to the people. For example, funeral homes need to make connections with people with plans of conducting funerals, attend to terminally ill people, or provide support to people succumbing to the grief of losing a loved one.

Moving services target people who have recently bought new homes and planning to move. Similarly, wedding photographers look for people who are engaged and planning their wedding.

The Facebook ad targets people going through life events.

The parameter of Life Events is rare due to the reason that you get the option of selecting your target audience at a particular time interval following the transformation. For example, jewelry companies will be seeking people awaiting to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays or planning to get married. The period of targeting ranges from 3 months to 1 year.

Develop Leads & Create Loyalty Among Audiences

Custom Audiences on Facebook is a very advanced feature that allows you to associate with existing contacts through Facebook ad targeting. Reinforcing the brand by turning existing contacts into loyal consumers brings the prospect of increasing a lifetime of customer value, reliability, and order frequency.

Custom Audiences creates a list of customers which has a massive advantage for Facebook ad targeting. If you target the people who visit the website, it becomes highly effective.

Develop an Audience with Similar Interests

Lookalike Audience is the next logical step after Custom Audience tactics. Although you may not have a personalized phone or email list, you just require a Facebook fan-base. Lookalikes enable you to enlarge the reach beyond your horizon and still target people successfully. Based on particular profiles, a list of an audience with similar interests is a reasonable approach for Facebook ad targeting.

Filter with Multiple Targeting Options

The most important thing for Facebook ad targeting is to filter the list of audience and consumers gradually that will make it more effective. By combining geolocation, demographics, and behavior pattern, you can fine-tune your target audience that will match your ad offers and creativity.

Diversified & Inclusive Facebook Ad Targeting

Create personas that will attract your customers. A wide range of strategies that will have a greater appeal for the audience and create a larger base.