Adaptability & Agility – James Khuri Holds The Ingredients To Success

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James Khuri Photo Credit: James Khuri In a year that has seen the economy being severely disrupted by the global health crisis and the restrictions it’s brought with it; e-commerce has had its winners. But more than ever, it’s those who can see and react in a flexible and anticipating manner who are the winners in e-com.

James Khuri, founder and CEO of Khuri Enterprises & FJ Holdings surely belongs to those winners. As one of only ten suppliers for which Amazon has assigned a representative, his enterprise undoubtedly belongs to the very top of the industry.

In a recent Forbes Magazine interview, the Beverly Hills-based successor shared that they’ve
been able to develop a brand-new distribution model that’s unique in the entire system of worldwide distribution. In fact, Amazon just hired an employee specifically for one of my companies to work with us in the 136 countries that we sell to.”

Further, not only the online giant but also Walmart is part of Khuri’s model. Similar to Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” fulfillment plan, “Walmart invited us to start a system called “Fulfilled by Walmart” (…). We started it three weeks ago, and already are processing 4000 orders a week. Because Walmart is now directly competing with Amazon, this will help create a better atmosphere for consumers.”

The entrepreneur manufactures and supplies products like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon & Magic The Gathering cards, as well as products of prestigious brands such as Hasbro & Mattel. Besides that, he keeps expanding his range of products constantly. After making his first 100 Million Dollars in sales by the age of 27, the passionate Lamborghini owner is aiming to double that figure in the next year.

Securing Different Markets, And Showing Where They Overlap

James Khuri started his career in real estate after graduating from the University of Rochester and receiving his Master of Business and Administration from the Simon School Of Business.

He entered the real estate market in 2001. Khuri currently owns medical buildings in New York and apartment properties all over Los Angeles and has verbalized interest in buying warehouses, in regards to the market changes this year. Commercial real estate such as shopping centers and malls have never been on his portfolio and if anything, this year has proven his opinion on them to be right. The consumer behavior has likely changed to a degree this year, that will not be reversed and lead to the long-term growth of one market where another is claiming a major loss.

It’ll be interesting to see where his business savvy takes him in the next year, given the exponential growth of his partners, with Amazon being the most obvious example. His passion for fast cars will surely not have to worry to be compromised.